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2013 Harley-davidson Touring Used

$ 13990

Vehicle Title:Clear
:“Excellent overall condition! Front lower forks have some oxidation but overall am extremely clean bike!”
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

Welcome to Nice Ride Inc!As an independent
wholesale dealer, I can purchase clean motorcycles and sell them to you for
much less money than the retail dealers in your town or city. My overhead is
minimal.This gives me theability to sell to you at the fair market
price. I specialize in 1 owner, low mileage Harley Davidson’s and none of my
bikes are ever bought at an auction. If
I list a motorcycle onE-Bay, it means that the bike is in perfect
condition. All motorcycles are mechanically checked through and road tested
before any advertisement and all bikes are sold AS
IS unless they still carry the original
factory warranty from the manufacturer.
bid or hit the Buy It Now button on any of my motorcycles unless you have been
approved for a loan prior to the end of auction! ***
It’s Your Time to Ride!
You’re looking at a great condition 2013 Harley Davidson
Road King Classic. This bike is a true one owner with and original 6,438 well
maintained and cared for miles.
Information about 2013 Harley-davidson Touring for sale on this page. See price and photos of the Touring Harley-davidson
It has a a lot of upgrades and this was the
official last year of the Road King Classic.
*6,438 Original Miles (1 Owner)
*103 CUI
* ABS Brakes
*Smart Security System
*ThunderHeader Exhaust
*Screamin Eagle Stage 1 Intake
*18' Chubby Wild Ones Bars
*Braided Lines Throughout
*Chrome Switch Housing
*Chrome Switches
*Chrome Master Brake Cylinder
*Chrome Hand Levers
*Chrome HD Hand Grips
*LED Flush Mount Tank Gas Gauge
*LED Lights
*Willie G Skull Theme Covers
*Chrome HD Floor Boards
*Chrome HD Foot Control
*Quick Disconnect Kit
*Quick Disconnect Sissy Bar
*Harley Davidson Leather Windshield Bag
The Classic model is no longer being produced so here is
your chance to have a a nice clean bike for a great price! We are a custom build shop so if you would like anything changed, let us know and we will provide you an estimate.
I am waiting on OUTSTANDING
FEEDBACK from FL & MI so please buy with confidence.
________________________________________________________________________________________If you are buying from another country outside the US, please
make sure you call me before you get serious on your purchase so I can explain
the process to you. If you have a FEEDBACK score of 10 or less positive, you
must call me if you are seriously considering purchasing a motorcycle at least
1 day before the auction ends or you will be removed. I have been burned by too
many in experienced EBay buyers.
Here are shipping
companies that deliver in the USA and have done good work for me in the
recommended order:
Jay-(FL-NE) All
Eastern Border- [hidden information]
Mach 1 Transport-
Jerry – [hidden information] (
Here are websites
of shipping companies that deliver all over the world for out of country buyers
in the order of recommendation: (all over the world)
(All over the world)
**Please do me a huge favor before bidding on
this bike, take 5 minutes out of your busy day and read my SELLER FEEDBACK
selling only bikes on here to people like you all over the world and those
words were written after the bike was delivered or picked up.**
I have sold over 1000 motorcycles since 2005-Present
and I only buy the best of the best and always sell for less than almost anyone
on EBay or anywhere else. If you have any questions about this beautiful bike,
please feel free and call me any time before 10PM ET. [hidden information] Serge
To the winning bidder, there will be a $500 dollar pay
pal deposit which is NON-REFUNDABLE and the rest will have to be either cash or
cashiers/bank check only at the time of the pick-up. I DO NOT except personal
checks unless the check is cleared before the pick-up of the motorcycle.
Tax will be
collected from ALL Florida residents. If you are from out of state and driving
home you will have to pay your state sales tax here. You will also get a paper
tag good for 30 days to allow you to drive the motorcycle home. You will get a
Florida form DR123 Showing tax paid in Florida and your local tax collector
will give you full credit for tax paid in Florida. If the motorcycle is being
transported by a licensed ICC carrier there will be no tax collected, but you
will still be responsible for sales tax in your home state if a tax exists. I
do not charge any extra fee’s for paperwork and misc. things.
Re: Shipping- You are 100% responsible for the final
decision but I will help you lock down the best rate with the best Motorcycle
Carrier. If you want to get rates on your own, I have provided websites and
numbers of ones that have done an outstanding job for me.
If you entered a
bid on this auction and didn't win, PLEASE BE AWARE OF OTHER UNSCRUPULOUS
receive it, please forward the email to EBAY FRAUD DEPARTMENT at [hidden information]
or contact me @ (772[hidden information]. I WILL NEVER ASK YOU TO SEND MONEY VIA INSTANT

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Item ID: 189609
Sale price: $ 13990
Motorcycle location: Palm City, Florida, United States
Last update: 1.11.2020
Views: 12
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2013 Harley-davidson Touring Used
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