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2014 BMW K-Series

$ 16500

2014 BMW K-Series for Sale
2014 BMW K-Series for Sale2014 BMW K-Series for Sale
Exterior Color:Gray
Warranty:Tire and Wheel warranty
Vehicle Title:Clear
Sub Model (Optional):K1600 GTL
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Mint 2014 loaded GTL with tasteful upgrades and all service records to date. Maintenance done at  European Cycle Sports in Dallas. Recently added 5 year tire and wheel warranty package. Essentially tires and wheels are fully covered for damage or punctures, no questions asked. This is a no brainer considering how expensive the wheels alone cost. I've have had zero issues mechanical or otherwise with the bike and just replaced the battery ($250). 
I've owned and raced Ducati's and Triumphs and this beast can keep up with the best of them. It will blow your mind that a bike this substantial can handle so well and is so agile. Has amazing power and that glorious in-line six 6 sound, especially with the Akrapovic titanium exhaust. 
Adaptive suspension (3 modes -Road, Rain, Dynamic), Adaptive Xenon headlight that changes pitch and angle to road conditions, LED fog lights, ABS, stability and traction control, key alarm, stereo, Bluetooth Sirius radio, cruise control, removal pannier cases (top and sides) and such a responsive engine it's just simply the most comfortable and capable touring bike on the market. 
Upgrades include: Akrapovic titanium slip-on exhaust ($2,950) that sounds glorious, Bakup rider back support, windscreen, Headlight protective cover, Clearwater Amber running light kit, Clearwater programmable LED brake light, OEM top case brake light, buddy grips, Knight Design foot pegs, Engine guards, Pannier guards. Color matched rear reflective die cut pannier stickers, Tires are bran new. Small linear scuff on top case. 
Selling because I'm starting a business and simply don't ride that much here in Dallas, hence the low mileage. No low ball offers please. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or would like additional pictures.
Will accept cash, paypal or cashiers checks only. (Buyer's responsible for any additional Paypal fees).

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Sale price: $ 16500
Motorcycle location: Dallas, Texas, United States
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 11.02.2019
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2014 BMW K-Series
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