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Used 2014 Ford F-150 Used Platinum Crew Cab MSRP New $50970 Pickup Truck Automatic ENGINE: 5.0L V8 FFVL

27900 $
Vehicle Title:Clean
Sub Model:Platinum Crew Cab MSRP New $50970
Trim:Platinum Crew Cab MSRP New $50970
Body Type:Pickup Truck
Cab Type (For Trucks Only):Crew Cab
Exterior Color:Red
Interior Color:Brown
Number of Doors:4
Number of Cylinders:8
Engine:ENGINE: 5.0L V8 FFV

Seller Description

2014 Ford F150 Platinum Crew Cab MSRP New $50970

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Item Information

Item ID: 294244
Sale price: $ 27900
Car location: United States
Last update: 8.11.2022
Views: 9
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2014 Ford F-150 Used Platinum Crew Cab MSRP New $50970 Pickup Truck Automatic ENGINE: 5.0L V8 FFVL
Current customer rating: 4/5 based on 5687 customer reviews

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