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2014 Moto Guzzi California 1400 CUSTOM WABS

$ 250

Seller Description

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2014 Moto Guzzi California 1400
About This Vehicle
This 2014 Moto Guzzi California Custom 1400 with 21,854 miles runs and rides well, passes NH state inspection, and comes from the factory with ABS, traction control, cruise control, and heated grips. If you are looking for an alternative in a large displacement cruiser with a look and feel all it's own, this could be a great option.
Powered by a 1380cc engine with a 6-speed transmission, the California Custom puts out 95 hp at 6,500 rpm and 88.5 foot-pounds of torque at 2,750 rpm. It has a seat height of 29" and a dry weight of 709 lbs. It's been upgraded with Agostini slip on mufflers.
This bike has received our Premium service and detail, and comes covered by a nationwide 90 day/3,000 mile warranty.
We offer an unbelievable selection of quality used motorcycles and never charge any dealer fees! Nobody here is on commission and we are happy to take as much time with you as you need. We encourage you to see and hear this bike in person, but if you are unable to, we will be happy to do a live inspection via Skype, Facetime, or Google Duo. Please call [hidden information] for more info.
Options and Standard Features
Basic Information
Year: 2014
Make: Moto Guzzi
Model: California 1400
Stock Number: 51469
VIN: ZGULVC018EM[hidden information]
Condition: Used
Type: Cruiser
Mileage: 21,854
Title: Clear
Color: BLACK
Bore (in): 4.09
Bore (mm): 104
Carburetion Brand: Magneti Marelli
Carburetion Type: Fuel Injected
Compression Ratio
Cooling System: Air / Oil
Cylinders: 2
Engine Disp. To Weight (cc): 1.94
Engine Size (cc): 1380
Engine Size (ci): 84.2
Engine Stroke: 4-Stroke
Engine Type: V Twin
Fuel Capacity (gal): 5.4
Fuel Injector
Fuel Injector Size (mm): 52
Fuel Requirements: Regular
Horsepower: 96
Horsepower (kW): 71
Horsepower RPM: 6500
Starter: Electric
Stroke (in): 3.2
Stroke (mm): 81.2
Torque (Ft Lbs): 87
Torque (Nm): 120
Torque RPM: 2750
Valve Configuration: OHV
Valves: 4
Valves Per Cylinder: 2
Number Of Speeds: 6
Primary Drive (Rear Wheel): Shaft
Transmission: Manual
Primary Drive (Engine / Transmission): Gear
Chassis & Suspension
Frame: Steel
Front Suspension Size (in): 1.8
Front Suspension Size (mm): 46
Front Suspension Type: Telescopic Fork
Front Travel (in): 4.7
Front Travel (mm): 120
Number Rear Shock Absorbers: 2
Rear Adjustable Rebound Damping
Rear Adjustable Shock / Spring Pre-Load
Rear Suspension Material: Aluminum
Rear Suspension Type: Twin Sided Swing Arm
Rear Travel (in): 4.3
Rear Travel (mm): 110
ABS Brakes
Brake Brand Name: Brembo
Front Brake: Dual Hydraulic Disc
Front Brake Diameter (in): 12.6
Front Brake Diameter (mm): 320
Linked Brake System Front To Rear
Rear Brake: Hydraulic Disc
Rear Brake Diameter (in): 11.1
Rear Brake Diameter (mm): 282
Headlight Type: Halogen
Rearview Mirrors
Temperature Warning
Temperature Warning Type: Light
Digital Instrumentation
Trip Odometer
Front Tire (Full Spec): Dunlop 130/70R 18
Front Tire (Inches): 18
Front Tire Aspect Ratio: 70
Front Tire Width: 130
Fuel Capacity (liters): 20
Ground Clearance (in): 6.4
Ground Clearance (mm): 165
Height (Inches): 57
Height (mm): 1460
Length (Inches): 96
Length (mm): 2445
Rear Tire (Full Spec): Dunlop 200/60R 16
Rear Tire (Inches): 16
Rear Tire Aspect Ratio: 60
Rear Tire Width: 200
Seat Height (Inches): 29
Wet Weight (kg): 318
Wet Weight (lbs): 710
Wheelbase (in): 66.3
Wheelbase (mm): 1685
Wheels Composition: Aluminum
Width (Inches): 40
Width (mm): 1030
Other Information
Drive Shaft Guard
Exterior Covers
Exterior Guards
Floor Boards
Foot Pegs
Foot Peg Location: Passenger
Front Fender
Hand Grips
Side Cover
Rear Fender
Stand Type: Kick
Our shipping service includes shipping from our shop right to your door. It will be carried across the road in specially-equipped trucks on a motorcycle specific skid and delivered with care.This includes a minimum of $8000 insurance. Transit time is typically within 21 business days. Delivery available to the continental US only.
Please call our sales staff at [hidden information] for pricing and details.
Do you ship bikes? Are the pictures of the actual bike being sold? What is your warranty? Is the title clean? I'm from California, can I buy a bike from you? I see your bike is also on eBay. Can I buy it there cheaper? Do you take trades or buy bikes? View All ...
Payment Terms
A $250 deposit is due within 24 hours of the end of the auction and the balance is due within 7 days. Unless otherwise agreed upon, the vehicle must be shipped or picked up within 10 days of the auction's end. Communication is required within 24 hours, or the winning bidder risks having the auction relisted. We accept certified bank checks, money orders, bank to bank wire transfers, and of course cash in person.Credit cards and PayPal areonlyaccepted for the $250 deposit. We cannot take either method for the full payment amount.
Bank to bank wire transfers usually show in our account within 24 hours of transfer, except on weekends. Banks now require that any out of state certified checks, money orders and treasurers checks require 5 business days to clear. Please keep this in mind when considering delivery time.
Once payment has been confirmed and cleared, our goal is to ship your vehicle within 2 business days. We will email or call you when the payment has cleared and again when the vehicle is shipped with a tracking number.
ATTN: Canadian Buyers
We are happy to sell to Canadian citizensand have a broad understanding of the process of importing vehicles from the States. Although we do ship many bikes into Canada; due to the placement of the VIN or the physical size of this bike we are not able to arrange shipping. We will be happy to send the documentation included with the bike (title or report of sale of non-titled vehicle, bill of sale, and/or odometer disclosure) to the border crossing station of your choice and work with you or your shipper. We are not able to obtain it for all brands, but if possible, we will provide you with the recall clearance letter for your bike as well. Please call us at [hidden information] for further clarification on this subject.
If you are looking to import this bike into Canada, please first check to make sure that it is on thelist of vehicles admissible from the US.Also, for further information on custom requirements and importation of vehicles into Canada, please visit the web site forCanada's Registrar of Imported Vehicles.
Due to the time and fees involved with obtaining and forwarding exportation documentation, Canadian customers will incur an additional $89 fee.
All of the vehicles we list on eBay are for sale locally. We reserve the right to end an auction early.
Prices subject to change without notice and do not include Title, License, Registration Fees, State or Local Taxes or Processing Fees, if any. Please contact seller first for vehicle availability. Although every effort is made to present accurate and reliable information, use of this information is voluntary, and should only be deemed reliable after an independent review of its accuracy, completeness, and timeliness. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to verify the existence of options, accessories and the vehicle condition before time of sale. Any and all differences must be addressed prior to time of sale. No expressed or implied warranties, including the availability or condition of the equipment listed is made. EPA mileage estimates for comparison purposes only. Actual mileage may vary depending on driving conditions, driving habits, and vehicle maintenance.
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About This VehicleThis 2014 Moto Guzzi California Custom 1400 with 21,854 miles runs and rides well, passes NH state inspection, and comes from the factory with ABS, traction control, cruise control, and heated grips. If you are looking for an alternative in a large displacement cruiser with a look and feel all it's own, this could be a great option.Powered by a 1380cc engine with a 6-speed transmission, the California Custom puts out 95 hp at 6,500 rpm and 88.5 foot-pounds of torque at 2,750 rpm. It has a seat height of 29" and a dry weight of 709 lbs. It's been upgraded with Agostini slip on mufflers.This bike has received our Premium service and detail, and comes covered by a nationwide 90 day/3,000 mile war

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Item Information

Item ID: 234307
Sale price: $ 250
Motorcycle location: Suncook, New Hampshire, United States
Last update: 15.09.2021
Views: 13
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2014 Moto Guzzi California 1400 CUSTOM WABS
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