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Used 2014 Royal enfield Continental GT Used 500L

Engine Size (cc):500
Manufacturer:Royal enfield
Vehicle Title:Clear
Model:Continental GT
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Seller Description

2014 Royal Enfield Continental GT 500 for sale. (Scrambler Style!) Bike is like new. Many tasteful mods. Only 2500 miles. Just changed oil and spark plug - its ready to go for the season! I have all original parts that came off it too and can easily be turned back into a cafe racer. Also have extra oil and filter for next seasons change and 2 spare spark plugs. It is currently fitted with Hitchcock Sport Exhaust (Sounds Awesome). Two person scrambler style seat ( I have single style seat with cowl as well). Powder coated black wheels. Hitchcock upright bar mounts and Zombie performance moto style bars with new grips. Shorty turn signals. Very reliable bike with fuel injection. Needs nothing but to be enjoyed. Only reason I am selling is I don't have time to ride - working too many hours.
Absolutely no joy rides. No test rides without cash in hand. Bike runs, drives, and stops flawless. Clean title in hand. I also have clean VINcheck report in hand.
Can pick up in person, will drive to deliver within close proximity, or buyer can arrange shipping.


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Item Information

Item ID: 122117
Motorcycle location: Milford, Connecticut, United States
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 25.05.2019
Views: 96
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2014 Royal enfield Continental GT Used 500L
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