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2015 BMW R-Series

$ 11500

Exterior Color:WHITE-RED
Engine Size (cc):1200
Sub Model (Optional):Roadster
Vehicle Title:Clear
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Price Reduced !!
Downsizing to a more agile lighter weight motorcycle and this one is for sale.
125 HP
125 NM Torque
Liquid Cooled
Up and Down Quickshifter
Dynamic ESA (Change Suspension Setting Electronically On The Fly)
Cruise Control
Heated Grips
Self Canceling Turn Signals
Tire Pressure Monitoring
BMW Navigator Linked to the Motorcycle by Dial on left hand grip.
Really a Complete Machine and Pulls Hard through all gears!
Added Ztechnik Windshield $300-Sargent Seat and Pillion (Double Red Stitch) $764 - Adaptive Navigator Mount-$125-BMW Motorrad Navigator $500. Have Original BMW Shortie Shield, Seat and Nav Mount.

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Sale price: $ 11500
Motorcycle location: Medford, New Jersey, United States
Last update: 7.11.2018
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2015 BMW R-Series
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