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Used 2015 Ford Explorer Used XLT w/ 3rd Row Seat 3.5L V6 290hp 255ft. lbs.L Gasoline Sport Utility Automatic

16995 $
Vehicle Title:Clean
Trim:XLT w/ 3rd Row Seat
Drive Type:4WD 4dr XLT
Engine:3.5L V6 290hp 255ft. lbs.
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Body Type:Sport Utility
Options:ENGINE: 3.5L TI-VCT V6
Exterior Color:Black
Interior Color:Medium Light Stone

Seller Description

2015 Ford Explorer XLT w/ 3rd Row Seat

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Item Information

Item ID: 291654
Sale price: $ 16995
Car location: Bellingham, Washington, United States
Last update: 2.11.2022
Views: 13
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2015 Ford Explorer Used XLT w/ 3rd Row Seat 3.5L V6 290hp 255ft. lbs.L Gasoline Sport Utility Automatic
Current customer rating: 4/5 based on 556 customer reviews

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