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2015 Harley Davidson Dyna FLD

$ 11972

For sale by:Private seller
Product Type:Road Bikes
:“Very good condition”
Item status:In archive

Seller Description

2015 Harley Davidson Dyna Switchback FLD
103” Stage 2 screaming eagle
These bikes are starting to become very hard to find.
This beautiful bike has all the extras.
Performance machine grips, pegs and fuel caps.
12 months regoAir ride suspension21” breakout wheelScreaming eagle slip on pipeBagger front fender (not in pics)18” x 190 read solid disc wheel12” ape hangersDetachable sissybarDetachable bagsDetachable screenCustom seats

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Item Information

Item ID: 189607
Sale price: $ 11972
Motorcycle location: fitzroy, Australia
Last update: 1.11.2020
Views: 5
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2015 Harley Davidson Dyna FLD
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