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2015 Harley-davidson Touring Used

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Seller Description

Customized 2015 Road Glide Special with many upgrades:
-110 ci motor upgraded from 103 ci
-Audio upgrades 4 - 8 inch Hertz and 2 6.5 inch DD audio speakers w/ Soundigital and Diamond Audio amps, and Rockford Fosgate DSR
-23 in Performance Machine Revel Platinum Contrast Cut front wheel w/ 13in matching rotor and 6 piston caliper. Matching Revel 16in rear wheel with matching 11.8in rotor
-Arlen Ness smooth legs with single disc setup
-MC Bagger Triple Tree and Rake Kit
-Top Shop 4.5 inch stretched "Viper" Saddlebags with extended rear fender with custom LED button tail, brake, turn lights
...and many more upgrades. Motorcycle featured in the August 2018 edition of Urban Bagger Magazine.

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Item Information

Item ID: 180455
Motorcycle location: Bowie, Maryland, United States
Last update: 11.09.2020
Views: 24
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2015 Harley-davidson Touring Used
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