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2015 Indian Chief Vintage Motorcycle

$ 15000

Engine Size (cc):1,811
Vehicle Title:Clear
Model:Chief Vintage Motorcycle


Like Brand New Indian Chief Vintage, with only 645 miles.  Garage kept, and only rode maybe 5 times.  Mint Condition.  Looking for a brand new bike?   There's no reason to spend the extra 6000 dollars, plus two tone paint charge, plus sales tax, plus building the bike charge, plus many extras that come with this bike.  It comes with a Garmin GPS, Bluetooth, Sirius XM radio.  Extra Handlebar Speaker system(Indian), Passenger footboards, passenger detachable backrest, Indian extra fishtail exhaust system, extra beach handlebars, all leather fork bag, and Indian extra arrowhead mirrors.  This Bike is 15,000.  A new bike is 20,999 plus 600 for two tone paint, plus sales tax of  1300 dollars, plus 600 building the bike fee, plus 2000 in extras, plus a free Navigation system.

Item information

Sale price: $ 15000
Motorcycle location: Leander, Texas, United States
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 10.08.2018
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2015 Indian Chief Vintage Motorcycle
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