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2015 Victory Cross Roads

$ 12250

2015 Victory Cross Roads for Sale
2015 Victory Cross Roads for Sale2015 Victory Cross Roads for Sale
Model:Cross Roads
Exterior Color:Black
Sub Model (Optional):8 Ball
Vehicle Title:Clear
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This is a prototype unit used by Polaris (Victory).  It is a 2015 Cross Roads 8 Ball even though there was no 2015's produced.  It's a special unit with low miles.  
Items Included:LED HeadlightTsukayu Batwing Detachable Fairing with a Pioneer Media Player and 2 6x9 speakers.Mini Aps Handlebars with Avon GripsHighway BarsVicBaggers Cheese WedgesVicBaggers Brake/Shift Peg SetVicBaggers Engine Oil DipstickVictory Low Seat and OEMVicBaggers Adjustable Lowering LinkShortened KickstandGonzo Exhaust with VicBaggers matching tipsVictory High Performance Air Filter

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Sale price: $ 12250
Motorcycle location: Hendersonville, Tennessee, United States
Last update: 13.07.2018
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2015 Victory Cross Roads
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