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2016 Harley-Davidson Touring

$ 10000

2016 Harley-Davidson Touring for Sale
2016 Harley-Davidson Touring for Sale2016 Harley-Davidson Touring for Sale
Exterior Color:Charcoal Pearl
Engine Size (cc):103
Warranty:Factory Warranty till September 2018
Sub Model (Optional):Road Glide
Vehicle Title:Clear
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Like new 2016 Harley Road Glide! 1351 miles! Always covered in shop on HD Battery Tender. Pristine, as new, never seen rain. 1000 mile service performed on time, by local Pro Bike Shop. As clean as showroom examples! Set up for Tall person, All Harley, Made in USA accessories! HD Tall-Boy seat, HD extended shift levers, tallest windshield, extended rear brake lever Kuryakyn, HD did not offer one, it is made in Korea, will include the original controls and seat. HD Two-up Luggage rack, HD Passenger Back rest, HD custom grips, HD shift lever pedals and HD Highway pegs, all HD, Made in USA! sought out the good stuff! And they all match the floorboards. Shorty antenae (and original). K&N Air filter. Last of the 103 V-Twins! Milwaukee 8's might be great, don't know, we all know about the legendary V-twins! Not scratch on bike top to bottom, front to back. You will not find more pristine 2016 FLTRX!  My price is FIRM! reserve the right to end this sale if bike sells locally.

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Sale price: $ 10000
Motorcycle location: Lincoln, Missouri, United States
For sale by: Original owner
Last update: 9.06.2018
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2016 Harley-Davidson Touring
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