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2016 Harley-davidson Dyna Used Lowrider Sport S FXDLS 117' Screamin' Eagle CVO Gasoline

$ 23995

Trim:Lowrider Sport S FXDLS 117' Screamin' Eagle CVO
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Vehicle Title:Clean
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Seller Description

[hidden information] x112
315 Big Rd.
Zieglerville Pennsylvania 19492
2016 Harley-Davidson Dyna Lowrider Sport S FXDLS 117" Screamin' Eagle CVO Killer - WE FINANCE AND SHIP NATIONWIDE - 315 Big Road Zieglerville, PA 19492 - [hidden information] PRESS 112
Screamin' Eagle 117"/1918cc Twin-Cam Engine Making ~121HP/133TQ @ Rear Wheel. 6-Speed Transmission. Vivid Black Paint. 23,516 Miles. Security w/ 2 Keyfobs. ABS Equipped.
Extras Include: Screamin' Eagle Stage IV 117" Big Bore Engine Kit Installed at 2,682 Miles, Part No. [hidden information], Containing: 4.125" Cylinders, 9.9:1 Compression Pistons, 58mm Throttle Body, High-Flow Injectors, SE259E Cams, Perfect-Fit Pushrods, SE High-Capacity Roller Tappets, SE Inner Cam Bearing Kit, Top End/Cam Cover Gaskets, and Heavy Duty Clutch Spring. Power Vision Tuner. Bassani 2-1 Road Rage Exhaust Pipe. Lucky Dave's Handlebars w/ 13" Rise, 28" Width, and 4" Pullback. Extended Cables/Lines, and Internal Wiring. Leather Pro Detachable Saddlebags. RWD Fairing, with Klock Werks Flare Windshield, and Integrated Mini Turn Signals. LED Projector Headlamp. FLO MX-Style Foot Pegs. HPI High-Flow Intake Kit.
Information about 2016 Harley-davidson Dyna for sale on this page. See price and photos of the Dyna Harley-davidson Lowrider Sport S FXDLS 117' Screamin' Eagle CVO
Lucky Dave's Seat. Shorty Handlebar Levers. LED Tail Lamp. Chin Spoiler. Fork Boots. Curved Laydown License Plate Frame. Vans Grips. Custom Mirrors. Legend Suspension Front Fork Kit.
VIN# 1HD1GS826GC[hidden information]
Full Payment via Bank-to-Bank Wire Transfer, Cashiers Check, Bank Check, Cash in Person, or Loan Check, is Due Within 7 Days of Initial Deposit. There is a $149 Documentary Fee that covers Purchase/Shipping Paperwork Costs. Additionally, there is a $249 Dealer Preparation Fee that Includes: Dealer Safety/Mechanical Service, Fresh Fluids, Detailing, and a 30-Day In-House Warranty. We also offer/recommend Dyno-Tuning Service. Please Inquire for Details!
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2016 Harley-Davidson Dyna Lowrider Sport S FXDLS 117" Screamin' Eagle CVO Killer - WE FINANCE AND SHIP NATIONWIDE - 315 Big Road Zieglerville, PA 19492 - [hidden information] PRESS 112Screamin' Eagle 117"/1918cc Twin-Cam Engine Making ~121HP/133TQ @ Rear Wheel. 6-Speed Transmission. Vivid Black Paint. 23,516 Miles. Security w/ 2 Keyfobs. ABS Equipped.Extras Include: Screamin' Eagle Stage IV 117" Big Bore Engine Kit Installed at 2,682 Miles, Part No. [hidden information], Containing: 4.125" Cylinders, 9.9:1 Compression Pistons, 58mm Throttle Body, High-Flow Injectors, SE259E Cams, Perfect-Fit Pushrods, SE High-Capacity Roller Tappets, SE Inner Cam Bearing Kit,

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Item Information

Item ID: 224055
Sale price: $ 23995
Motorcycle location: Zieglerville, Pennsylvania, United States
For sale by: Dealer
Last update: 10.07.2021
Views: 3
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2016 Harley-davidson Dyna Used Lowrider Sport S FXDLS 117' Screamin' Eagle CVO Gasoline
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