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2016 Mercedes-benz A-Class Used

$ 76000

Vehicle Title:Clean
:“2016 AMG GT S with only 5k miles. Beautiful AMG with low miles. I bought this AMG twice I loved it so much but now the wife says one of my collection must go! Such a dream to drive and so fun. P71 AMG Dynamic Plus Package, 318 Exclusive Interior Package with Nappa Exclusive Leather, Black DINAMICA roof liner and Ambient Lighting. H73 Carbon Fiber Trim, U25 Illuminated door sills, Y05 Red accent Seat Belts, 735 Exclusive Interior Trim, 750 Silver Chrome Exterior Styling. This is a beauty! In immaculate condition, always garaged and covered. Selenite Grey Metallic with Black Nappa Leather.”
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Seller Description

Gorgeous AMG GT S with super low miles. This car is a dream to drive and actually, just to look at! I loved it so much, I bought it twice! But, the wife says if I bring another one home without getting rid of one, I have to sleep with the dogs...Lots of great options. P71 AMG Dynamic Plus Package includes Dynamic Engine and Transaxle Mounts, AMG Performance Steering Wheel in DINAMICA, Yellow Instrument Cluster DialsSport Exhaust Widened Peak HP RPM Band in 'M' & 'Race' Modes, Enhanced Suspension and Steering Performance Profile. 318 Exclusive Interior Package with Nappa Leather and Black DINAMICA Roof Liner and Ambient Lighting. H73 AMG Carbon Fiber Trim- Gloss, U25 AMG Illuminated Door Sill Panel, Y05 Red Seat Belts, 735 Exclusive Interior Trim, 750 Silver Chrome Exterior Styling. Selenite Grey Metallic exterior.

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Item Information

Item ID: 191616
Sale price: $ 76000
Car location: Bigfork, Montana, United States
Last update: 9.11.2020
Views: 9
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2016 Mercedes-benz A-Class Used
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