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Used 2017 Harley Davidson Softail Slim S with Only 3500kms! FLSS

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Seller Description

2017 Harley Davidson Softail Slim S with ONLY 3500kms
MY17 Softail Slim S - 110ci
One Owner, Aust Delivered, Local Bike - The Last Year For The Beloved Twin Cam
110ci Powerplant with 6 Speed Trans Makes This Bike An Absolute Breeze To Ride with Effortless Torque
Super Smooth Riding Softail with Hydraulic Clutch and Blacked Out From Factory
QLD Registered + Available NowCompetitive Finance/Insurance Available
Absolutely Immaculate Dyna That Presents As-NewSuit A Fussy Buyer, No Disappointments Here!
Arnotts Air Ride From $2500 InstalledWe Can Also Add Drag Bars From $500 Fitted, Or Burleigh Highballs with New Braided Cables For $1650 Fitted
Find Us On Facebook and Keep Up To Date - QUALITY HARLEYSInstagram - @qualityharleysSecure This Bikewith A Deposit Today!Competitive Finance Available + Trades WelcomeCan Freight Aust. Wide - Be Quick!
Right Bike, Right Price andNo B.S.
CHIEFS PERFORMANCE GOLD COAST - Your Harley Sales + Service Specialist18/39 Lawrence Drive, Gold Coast, QLD 4211
Please Call Chris 0415 539 582


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Item Information

Item ID: 112184
Motorcycle location: Gold Coast, Australia
Last update: 24.03.2019
Views: 543
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2017 Harley Davidson Softail Slim S with Only 3500kms! FLSS
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