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2017 Harley-davidson street rod Used

$ 5200

Model:street rod
Vehicle Title:Clear
:“Like new with many upgrades.”
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

You may as well call this a new bike,was purchased in late August 2017 from a dealer...
Information about 2017 Harley-davidson street rod for sale on this page. See price and photos of the street rod Harley-davidson
.cash,no financing!Rode 525 miles only.Always garage kept and cleaned.All owners manuals,can buy an addl. extended warrantyfrom your local dealer.Runs,looks,handles great,do not confuse one's self between this model,and the plain Street750,Street Rod has totally upgraded front & rear suspension for road course action(inverted43mm fork and reservoir rear shocks),and the rake is not so relaxed.Higher ground clearance& seat height,slightly shorter wheelbase,larger front disk, Dry Battery,Larger 48mm Mikuni Fuel Injection ports,higher compression,more HP & Torque,Overall more controllable!The total package! Yes,you can get a spanking new one,financed, from a dealer,however,when you factor in the destination charges,prep,finance charges etc,you are looking at a near $11000.00 bike.Plus,this has been tried and tested for 525 miles and if it were to malfunction,it would have done so by now.Recent oil change with Motul 7100 20/50 synthetic.Factory warranty would kick in for issues anyhow.Really,you will not find a better,cleaner,newer ride! PERIOD!Clean & Clear Va. Title in my name.No tire kicking or joy rides,your bid and deposit is your commitment to purchase.You have Absolutely NO worries with this bike! I would like to add a bonus not in the pics... Front & Rear axle bolt covers,Swingarm bolt covers...all in black,of course...they cover both exposed ends.ALSO,Coolant hose cover... Also,New Rear fender Eliminator kit,K&N Hi-Flo Air Cleaner,modded airbox and Exhaust.You will get any original parts removed for recent upgrades.There is nothing to pick's a near new upgraded bike,period!Please Paypal Deposit of $200.00within 24 hours,balance in cash or postal money order at pick up,and pick up within 2 weeks.Non-Refundable deposit if not picked up within the 2 week period.And, Please,do not change the terms of MY auction to suit you,Do not bid if you cannot comply.

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Item Information

Item ID: 191415
Sale price: $ 5200
Motorcycle location: Chesapeake, Virginia, United States
Last update: 8.11.2020
Views: 17
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2017 Harley-davidson street rod Used
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