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2017 Ktm 690 enduro R Used 690L

Exterior Color:Orange
Engine Size (cc):690
Model:690 enduro R
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
Vehicle Title:Clear
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

Firstly, apologies if this is long but if I were buying a bike I would want to know every single detail so I have tried to provide that here for you. If you want just the parts list scroll down a bit. Thanks
Up for offer, this beautiful KTM 690 Enduro R. This bike was purchased and prepared for a customer of mine that never picked it up due to financial problems. The mileage put on the bike was for break-in purpose, so that the customer is ready to ride normally when they receive the bike. And now this bike is ready for you. I have built and sold many adventure bikes for the busy executive without time who wants a bike completely prepared for them. The bike is torn down upon arrival and gone through thoroughly eliminating factory defects. Then I add essential accessories that address known issues and also modified per customers personal preference. This bike took almost 4 weeks of long days to put together plus hour upon hour to source the many components. An enormous amount of work overall done professionally. I have the tools, knowledge and experience to make a great bike. I have been building motorcycles since 1986. Please see the list of components added to this machine below, it is extensive. Don’t miss out and regret it later, as it is, with modifications, it would have retailed at $21k as specified. Steal it at $12.500. Everything I build is a labor of love and I consider myself a craftsman.
Information about 2017 Ktm 690 enduro R for sale on this page. See price and photos of the 690 enduro R Ktm Orange
I receive great pleasure knowing I have made a great bike even better to withstand the rigors of the off-road adventure and helped someone whose occupation may keep them from enjoying the sport they love because they can’t find the time due to obligations. Everything is triple checked when new and after the break in and build process. All fluids are fresh, new for you, and the highest grade. It is 100% ready to ride hard on the road or trail!Imagine as you read the list below, how long it would take to research and figure out which components you need for your bike, where is the best money spent, ordering the parts, waiting for UPS and the time it would take you to put it all together. Careful thought was given right down to which grip glue to use that won’t come loose with high temperature heated grips and nice looking super strong exterior grade zip tie with the metal tabs inside the plastic that won’t break loose over time. 3M shrink tube with water seal glue underneath to prevent water seeping in under the shrink tube.All already done for you with TLC by someone who cares and puts their name on the line!
***Accessory components list***-As configured the engine is significantly more powerful than stock. I estimate in the mid-80s hp range. It is extremely smooth not lurking jerky at all, it pulls like a freight train. It is very rideable. Fuel Moto did a great job with the custom tuning matching this engine set up. It’s perfect power delivery.- Power Commander 5 with custom fuel tuning from Fuel Moto performance-Evo performance tune from factory KTM options. Removes factory restrictions such as changing RPM threshold to higher limit and speed limiter increase. It also widens base fuel peramaters within the ECU allowing you to use higher flow air filters and exhaust.If you don’t do this first, the power commander can send more fuel but the ECU will bottleneck and prevent the bike from making the most of the fuel tuning in the ignition . This is a KTM cash grab on the new 790 enduro coming out this year KTM is charging $750 for this and if you don’t buy it the Bike will not wheelie. So you won’t be able to lift the front wheel over a log without paying KTM to play first. yikes! But this is already done on this bike so no worries!-Samco high temperature coolant hoses and clamps (rounded edges)-Venhill braided heavy duty oil line-Touratech side stand enlarger-GPS mounts Touratech-Barkbusters aluminum hand guards with black storms shields-Barkbuster tear drop anti vibration bar end weights-KTM shorty clutch lever-Oxford adventure heated grips both get very hot!-Renthal Fatbar Handlebars hIgh bend-Fastway adventure footpegs-Seat concepts seat-Koako Cruise control-Factory pro, shift pro with ceramic ball bearings eliminates missed shifts (internal transmission part)-KTM ABS Dongle upgraded off-road abs-CJ Designs billet fuel filler neck-CJ Designs billet aluminum fuel cap not the cheap plastic one the filler neck comes with. Expensive part for what it is.-Rottweiler performance Canister valve removal dongle-Rally Raid lower tank mount-Rally raid upper tank mounts-Switched to KTM foam filter and stock lid changed bolts to studs with nuts to prevent air filter leaks common on 690’s-KTM MX filter skins-no toil oil filter oil-KTM universal aluminum gas tank vent cap-CYC red tail light LED bulb-KTM thermostat switch upgrade for extremely hot conditions, turned on at lower temperature-shifter lever directly from hammerhead racing-Double take folding Adventure mirrors-Power commander from Fuel Moto with custom tuning for this setup-Wings exhaust with carbon fiber end cap. Deep tone sounding nice without being loud. Quiet is important for distance driving-Wings carbon fiber exhaust protectors all three very rare and no longer made works of art-Brake pedal enlarger touratech-Giant loop fandango tank bag- Giant loop pannier pockets under tank bag. Fully integrated with the tank bag mountings-Vanasche powersports billet case saver-Scott’s billet rear disk brake protector-billet swingarm tab protector. Look above the rear chain slide. The tabs are prone to snapping off without the protector and the rear slide falls off. This part completely prevents that.-Giant Loop recovery straps front and rear-KTM radiator protector braces-Adventure spec skid plate in black direct from England-Rowe industries PDM60 automatic circuit breaker protection-Cyclops headlight bulb-Swmotech o2 sensor delete plugs-Swmotech side stand switch delete plug-Swmotech sas delete kit-Swmotech fan override switch-Scottoiler automatic chain lubricator. Extendes chain and sprocket life seven times normal-Touratech pannier racks-Perun top luggage rack-perun moto pannier rack infilled for soft luggage-Roto pack locking mount-one gallon Roto pack-Metzler Enduro sahara3 tires new no miles, 0miles balanced-EBC sintered metal brake pads brand new 0miles, far superior to stock. Early grab, stronger and fade resistant-spoke ties for safety- Motion pro rim locks and anodized nuts-Michelin heavy duty tubes-powerlet plug for telephone or accessories-Touratech windshield kit-Rigid Industries SR2 diffuser lights and very nice Rigid handlebar flush mounted switch- premium 3M shrink tube used throughout build and all wire connections solderedThis is one of the best bikes I’ve ever put together, it has everything! After the intended customer informed me he was going bankrupt and would not be able to fulfill his obligations, I returned his deposit and said farewell. I didn’t want the bad karma of keeping his money. I liked the build a lot so I thought about keeping it for myself, but I wound up not driving it at all last summer, it sat there. I am so busy putting bikes together I never have a chance to ride them except on break-in. If you love dual-sport adventure riding this bike will be your dream come true, I promise by my word.Ronnie EllisMy telephone number spelled out below so ebay’s Computer won’t delete it.Eight zero two, seven three four, one seven one seven, if you have questions
PS: If you would like a different custom adventure bike built just for you, give a call and i can make it happen for you!It takes about 5-8 weeks for the total process.

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Item Information

Item ID: 109807
Motorcycle location: Swanton, Vermont, United States
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 9.03.2019
Views: 73
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2017 Ktm 690 enduro R Used 690L
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