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Used 2017 Toyota Corolla FULLY LOADED Used XSE Engine: 1.8L I-4 DOHC Dual VVT-iL 4dr Car Automatic

18900 $
Model:Corolla FULLY LOADED
Vehicle Title:Clean
Model:Corolla FULLY LOADED
Drive Type:XSE CVT (Natl)
Engine:Engine: 1.8L I-4 DOHC Dual VVT-i
Body Type:4dr Car
Power Options:--
Exterior Color:Pewter
Interior Color:Black

Seller Description

2017 Toyota Corolla FULLY LOADED XSE

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Item Information

Item ID: 289084
Sale price: $ 18900
Car location: Palm Desert, California, United States
Last update: 26.10.2022
Views: 9
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2017 Toyota Corolla FULLY LOADED Used XSE Engine: 1.8L I-4 DOHC Dual VVT-iL 4dr Car Automatic
Current customer rating: 4/5 based on 4231 customer reviews

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