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2018 Bmw Other Used

$ 320

Vehicle Title:Clear
Item status:In archive

Seller Description

For auction at NO RESERVE is my 2018 BMW 310. I am a very
experienced rider and racer and have been riding bikes for 55 years.
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I have a penchant for BMW as well as Italian bikes. I have enjoyed plenty of
Japanese bikes too but have been a major BMW fan. When the 310 came out I knew
I had to have one as I love smaller lightweight agile machines. I purchased
this bike from the original owner in the Fall of 2018 with 700 miles on the
clock. The first owner was a US Navy Pilot who had several bikes and was
stationed at Jacksonville Naval Air Station. He purchased the machine new at
BMW of Jacksonville. He shortly thereafter received notification that he was
being commissioned to Japan for three years, so he listed all of his bikes for
sale. He had just recently had BMW of Jacksonville complete the 600 mile
initial break-in service when this occurred.
I have a house in the mountains of North Carolina, so I
transported the bike in my enclosed trailer and left it there for riding mostly
on the Blue Ridge Parkway which is adjacent to my home. It sits on the trickle
charger until I make it up there periodically to ride.
I have made only very
minor and what I consider tasteful changes to the bike. I have replaced the
large ugly stock mirrors with bar end mirrors (stock mirrors included in sale)
and added an Akrapovic exhaust system. I also removed the 310 logo stickers
from the gas tank cover. I like the way the Motorsport paint scheme looks
without the numbers. If you want to put those back on, they are available at
the dealer for not much money.
I semi-retired and moved full-time to NC late this summer and I
only have a two-car garage here. I have already sold several BMW bikes in my
stable, as well as several cars. I have to say that this bike is the next to
last to go as it is without a doubt one of the most fun bikes I have ever
owned. Yes, it doesn’t have much power, but there is nothing more fun to ride in
the twisties as this. Lately, I have been choosing this for each mountain road ride
instead of my HP2. But times have changed, and I must make room to keep some
bikes in the garage so she must go. If you have any questions, please feel free to
ask and I will do my best to answer promptly. I have been on ebay continuously
for 21 years and have bought and sold many high-end items such as Porsche and
Lotus cars, and dozens of bikes including my once 26 bike bimota
collection. So please bid with confidence and security knowing that the item is
represented accurately, and the seller is safe and reliable. Thank you for
reading my long-winded listing and for your interest in my bike. The bike is located in Blowing Rock, NC 28605 not Florida.

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Item Information

Item ID: 192430
Sale price: $ 320
Motorcycle location: Port Orange, Florida, United States
Last update: 12.11.2020
Views: 13
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2018 Bmw Other Used
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