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2018 Bmw S1000RR White

$ 0

Vehicle Type:Super Sport
Capacity (cc):1000
Type:Super Sport

Seller Description

BMW S1000RR for sale,
Price is £12500 open to offers.
Bike is a 2018 bike that my friend owned from new, it was bought as a race allocation and has never been road registered but am looking into getting the v5.
Information about 2018 Bmw S1000RR for sale on this page. See price and photos of the S1000RR Bmw
Bike is in mint condition, has only done 2600 miles from new. brand new set of aviofibre fairings for the buyer and some flouro yellow fairings as a spare set plus a couple of other fairing spares, spare seat foam too.Bike has had lots of very good results with no limits this year.
Spec is:Rck3 hp ecu calibration & mapping by HM RacingHp4 lightweight wheelsHm pro quick shifterTGP throttleBitubo fork internals, just had a full service including gas cartridges done 1 race meeting ago, will be good for a seasonBitubo rear shock with remote preload adjusterBrembo m50 callipersBonamici rear setsBrand new Aviofibre/alpha racing fairingsFull exhaust system with a choice of an arrow (106db) or an akrapovic (99db) silencerRenthal clip onsengine protection/coversRadiator and oil cooler stone guardAlpha brake linesAlpha racing brake and clutch leversJet prime switch gear both sidesLock wired and rain light ready to race520 chain and sprockets, sprockets new last weekend it was riddenSbs ds pads in good condition
(Finger brake will be removed)
Message foranymore info or call/text me on [hidden information]

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Item ID: 218795
Sale price: $ 0
Motorcycle location: Herne Bay, United Kingdom
Last update: 7.06.2021
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2018 Bmw S1000RR White
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