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2018 Chevrolet Camaro Used 10 Speed Auto Convertible 6.2L SuperchargedL

Exterior Color:Garnet Red
Interior Color:Gray
Transmission:10 Speed Auto
Warranty:Vehicle has an existing warranty
Engine:6.2L Supercharged
Vehicle Title:Clear
Sub Model:ZL1
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

Low mile,
Garnet Red ZL1 convertible, with all available options including: carbon fiber
hood insert, MyLink audio system w/navigation and 8” touchscreen, supercharged
6.2L, 10 speed automatic, carpeted and all weather floor mats, outdoor vehicle
cover, wheel locks, windscreen, carbon fiber interior trim and battery
protection package.
Includes all
GM internal correspondence (including dealer invoice, Certificate of Origin,
shipping order, delivery pictures, etc) from day car was ordered to delivery.
New condition
with remaining warranty.One owner,
clear title, no issues or accidents.
Invoice was $72,545.10.

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Item Information

Item ID: 132167
Car location: Davenport, Iowa, United States
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 9.10.2019
Views: 194
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2018 Chevrolet Camaro Used 10 Speed Auto Convertible 6.2L SuperchargedL
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