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2018 Ktm Super Duke 1290 GT Used 1301L

Exterior Color:Orange
Model:Super Duke 1290 GT
Engine Size (cc):1301
Vehicle Title:Clear
Type:Sport Touring
Sub Model (Optional):GT
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

Whew...where to start? Situation at home has changed, so up for sale is my 2018 SDGT, which I recently purchased new to replace a wrecked 2017 SDGT. I have logged all the miles on it, and it will come with the following extras (some, care of my defunct '17, others just "stuff")
1) Spare cases (the ones mounted with the road-rash are from my '17.) The others have not been used, but are missing the KTM decal2) Spare case panels - silver3) 60mm rear wheel socket with pilot bushing4) PitBull stand with adapter5) Spare pillion seat6) Heated main and pillion seat (Main heated seat software is active on this bike, but not the pillion)7) Spare mirrors8) Bar-ends (Has SW-MOTECH handguards installed)9) Spare pegs10) Spare front chin wings11) Spare clear windshield12) 2 - O.E. Steel sprockets, one is virtually new, one has about 10k Miles on it.13) 1 - Steel 40t Super Sprox, 1- 40t Aluminum Super Sprox (mounted)14) Spare O.E. steering stabilizer15) Service manual on CD16) SW-MOTECH crash bars (mounted)17) 2 - O.E. Taillights; has Custom LED with integrated turn signals (mounted)18) Tail bag19) Scott's Stainless re-serviceable oil filter20) 0-mile Pilot 5 rear tire, balanced21) Knight Designs lowered pegs (mounted)
22) Spare catalytic converter
I think that's it, but if I come across any other accessories, they will go with the bike.
Bike is perfect, but a little dirty. I use it regularly to log 200-500 mile days on the weekend, and it does everything it is supposed to, flawlessly.
Had the shift sensor replaced recently because the QS was dodgy, but now it performs perfectly.
I am *not* excited to let it go, but given I have owned three of these Super Duke 1290 bikes, I am hoping someone with the same excitement for the machine will snatch it up and use it!
Recent oil-change (with the stainless filter), so bike is ready-to-ride.
I am near Mountainair, NM, and live off dirt roads, so if you want to lay eyes on it, you will be coming to me. Bike isn't moving until it's sold.
KTM *may* honor remaining warranty, but no guarantees. No test-rides. Motorcycle has no mechanical issues, at all.
Let me know if you have any other questions I can answer, and thanks for looking.
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Item Information

Item ID: 176360
Motorcycle location: Mountainair, New Mexico, United States
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 20.08.2020
Views: 20
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2018 Ktm Super Duke 1290 GT Used 1301L
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