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Used 2018 Lexus RX 350 BASE

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Seller Description

Selling my 2018 RX 350 and one of the cleanest you will find.
Vehicle has Black/Caviar exterior with Noble Brown interior (still under full factory warranty). Clean title. Save thousands compared to what you will end up paying at the dealer.
Has only 18070 miles and is in immaculate condition. I rarely use it and is always parked in my Garage. Vehicle has never seen rain or snow and I just added brand new Michelin tires which are awesome and has way less noise compared to factory tires (will throw in those too which only had around 15500 miles). New Tires have barely run as can be seen in the images.
Vehicle comes loaded with Luxury package and includes pretty much everything you can think of and then some (see images attached).
Maintenance is up to date and all recalls taken care of till date. Will be professionally detailed prior to handing off to the new owner.* Smoke and pet free interior* PA instection good till 09/22* Color Head Up Display (huge plus while driving)* Blind Spot Monitor w/ Rear-Cross Traffic Braking + Intuitive Park Assist* Panaormic View Monitor is really cool and gives driver a 3D generated real time image of sorrundings* Heated Steering for cold winter driving (I will miss this feature the most this winter)* Mark Levinson 15 speaker system (huge difference from regular system if you really like your music)* 12.3" Navigation System* Illuminated Scuff plates* LED Ambient Illumination (really looks cool in the night)* Towing Prep Pkg inculdes Transmission Oil Cooler and Heavy Duty Radiator (add your hitch and this beast will tow effortlessly)
Contact if you did like to see the vehicle in person prior to bidding.

PLEASE NOTE:* Vehicle was leased by me and has since been purchased by me from Lexus.* Vehicle to be picked up in person only - will not be shipped.* Winning bidder must deposit $500 within first 48 hours via PayPal or Venmo.* Rest $5000 cash in person alongwith cashier's check for the rest of the amount from a reputable bank.
Reach out for any questions, additional images or if you did like to see the vehicle in person prior to bidding.
Thanks for looking!

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Item Information

Item ID: 246949
Car location: Easton, Pennsylvania, United States
Last update: 22.12.2021
Views: 90
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2018 Lexus RX 350 BASE
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