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2019 Can-Am

$ 22999

Vehicle Title:Clean
Type:Reverse Trike
Item status:In archive

Seller Description

Standard FeaturesSELF-LEVELING SUSPENSION: Rear air shocks automatically adjusts to passenger and cargo weight to ensure comfort is never compromised.DIGITAL GAUGE: Large panoramic 7.
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8” wide LCD color display with BRP Connect™: allowing the integration of vehicle-optimized smartphone apps such as media, navigation and many others controlled through the handlebars.EXTENSIVE STORAGE: Bring a little bit, or bring it all, you have the room for it with a total of 41 gal (155 L) of capacity. You never know what the road could bring.FOG LAMPS: See and be seen with fog lights that give a larger beam and increased visibility when riding.DARK AND CHROME: Modern or classic, it’s up to you. Choose the trim that best suits your own style and taste.BRP AUDIO PREMIUM: Our 6-speaker sound system comes equipped with radio, USB, Bluetooth® and 1/8" (3.5 mm) audio inputs so you can listen to your favourite music from any device.Package HighlightsTouring comfort seatingUltimate Luxury touring stylingBuilt for long distance travelingUltra comfortable seat for 2Adjustable electric windshieldAdvanced infotainment systemEngineType: Rotax® 1330 ACE™ in-line 3 cylinders, liquid-cooled with electronic fuel injection and electronic throttle controlBore & stroke: 3.31 x 3.14 in. (84 x 80 mm)Power: 115 hp (85.8 kW) @ 7250 RPMTorque: 96 lb-ft. (130.1 Nm) @ 5000 RPMChassisFront supension: Double A-arms with anti-roll barFront shock type / travel: SACHS® Big-Bore shocks / 6.9 in. (174 mm)Rear suspension: Swing armRear shock type / travel: SACHS Shock with self-leveling air preload adjustment / 6 in. (152 mm)Electronic brake distribution system: Foot-operated, hydraulic 3-wheel brakeFront brakes: 270 mm discs with Brembo® 4-piston fixed calipersRear brake: 270 mm disc, 1-piston floating caliper with integrated parking brakeParking brake: Electrically actuatedFront tires: MC165/55R15 55HRear tire: MC225/50R15 76HAluminum front rims: 10-spoke , 15 x 5 in. (381 x 127 mm)Aluminum rear rim: Deep black, 15 x 7 in. (381 mm x 178 mm)DimensionsL x W x H: 105 x 61.9 x 59.4 in. (2,667 x 1,572 x 1,510 mm)Wheelbase: 67.5 in. (1,714 mm)Seat height: 30.4 in. (772 mm)Ground clearance: 4.5 in. (115 mm)Dry weight: 1,012 lb (459 kg)Features2 halogen headlamps (55-W)Front fenders with integrated LED lightsUltra comfortable with lumbar support and passenger backrestElectronic cruise controlAdjustable electric windshieldCalibrated for towingGlove boxIntegrated hard side luggageIntegrated top case with passenger backrestRider and passenger heated gripsRider footboardsAdjustable passenger footboardsEmbroidered Limited seatFront cargo light and linerFog lampsSafety & SecuritySCS: Stability Control SystemTCS: Traction Control SystemABS: Anti-lock Braking SystemDPS™: Dynamic Power SteeringAnti-theft system: Digitally Encoded Security System (D.E.S.S.™)HHC: Hill Hold ControlTransmissionType: Semi-AutomaticGears: 6-speedReverse: AvailableInstrumentationType: Large panoramic 7.8” wide LCD color display with BRP Connect™: allowing the integration of vehicle-optimized smartphone apps such as media, navigation and many others controlled through the handlebars.Main functions: Speedometer, tachometer, odometer, trip & hour meters, fuel consumption avg, gear position, ECOmode smart assist, temperature, engine lights, electronic fuel gauge, clock, and more.Audio system: BRP Audio Premium 6-speaker sound system with radio, USB, Bluetooth® and 1/8” (3.5mm) audio inputsCapacityRider capacity: 2Maximum vehicle load: 494 lb (224 kg)Storage capacity: 41 gal (155 L)Towing capacity: 400 lb (182 kg)Fuel capacity: 6.9 gal (26 L)Fuel type: Premium unleaded

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Item Information

Item ID: 190511
Sale price: $ 22999
Motorcycle location: Bartlesville, Oklahoma, United States
Last update: 4.11.2020
Views: 46
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2019 Can-Am
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