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2019 Suzuki DR-Z400sml9

Exterior Color:White
Vehicle Title:Clean
Manufacturer Exterior Color:White
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Seller Description

Jeremy Coon
[hidden information]
9803 North Hwy 301
Wildwood Florida 34785
2019 Suzuki DR-Z400sml9
Vehicle Information
The 2019 DR-Z400S is the latest version of the motorcycle that's the foundation of the modern DualSport movement.

Starting with the DR350S and then again with the DR-Z400S, Suzuki made fun, reliable, and capable motorcycles available to anyone who's ready to take a ride down their favorite off-road trail or ribbon of asphalt. Riders will be impressed with the amount of torque coming from the 398cc, liquid-cooled power plant, as well as the crisp handling from the adjustable suspension. This ultra-reliable bike is completely street legal, with an electric start and easy-to-read instrument cluster. The solid white bodywork with contrasting blue and black graphics make the bike stand out on the road, on the trail, or even when parked. Whether you're on the highway or on a twisty forest path, the Suzuki DR-Z400S can't be beat. The DR-Z400S is ideal for taking a ride down your favorite off-road trail. You'll be impressed with the amount of torque coming from the 398cc liquid-cooled powerplant as well as the crisp handling from the adjustable suspension. This bike is completely street legal with an electric start and easy-to-read instrument cluster. Whether you're on the highway or in a tight twisty forest trail, the Suzuki DR-Z400S can't be beat.
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Lucky U Cycles
9803 North Hwy 301
Wildwood Florida 34785
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The 2019 DR-Z400S is the latest version of the motorcycle that's the foundation of the modern DualSport movement. Starting with the DR350S and then again with the DR-Z400S, Suzuki made fun, reliable, and capable motorcycles available to anyone who's ready to take a ride down their favorite off-road trail or ribbon of asphalt. Riders will be impressed with the amount of torque coming from the 398cc, liquid-cooled power plant, as well as the crisp handling from the adjustable suspension. This ultra-reliable bike is completely street legal, with an electric start and easy-to-read instrument cluster. The solid white bodywork with contrasting blue and black graphics make the bike stand out on the road, on the trail, or even when parked. Whether you're on the highway or on a twisty forest path,

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Item Information

Item ID: 239718
Motorcycle location: Wildwood, Florida, United States
For sale by: Dealer
Last update: 7.11.2021
Views: 38
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2019 Suzuki DR-Z400sml9
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