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2020 Bmw S1000RR Used 1000L

$ 14100

Engine Size (cc):1000
Vehicle Title:Clean
Type:Sport Bike
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

2020 BMW S1000RR M Package & Carbon Package Light White / Racing Blue / Racing Red – 3,000 miles - loadedExcellent condition – never down, never tracked, adult ridden, always garaged, no stories.As you may know, there is a stop sell on these bikes – so you cannot get one new at the dealer at this time (Dec 2020). This bike was not subject to the recall and was inspected twice by the dealer to confirm there were zero issues with the brakes – if you’re considering other S1000RRs, this is something you may want to check.If you are looking for a very well-equipped bike, this may be your machine. If you’re looking for a stripped bike, this isn’t even close to a good match.I love the bike, continue to ride it, and am not at all desperate to sell it.This is a rare, BMW factory-equipped M Package ($3,700) + BMW Carbon Package ($1,900). The bike’s sticker price, before extras, is $24,490.The Carbon Package makes the bike look as premium as it is – takes away some of the cheap plastic. The remaining cheapness was replaced with BMW carbon (except for behind the seat which is still the black plastic – the carbon seemed over the top there for me).I have $31K+ into the bike. Came from an HP4 and as it’s equipped, this is a much better machine.This bike includes:ABS, BMW ABS Pro (allowing ABS braking in corners), gearshift assistant pro, cruise control (don’t knock it until you try it), ride modes pro, heated grips, dynamic traction control, dynamic damping control, tire pressure monitoring.The M Package includes:·BMW M Carbon Wheels (yes, you can feel them when you ride)·Ride Modes Pro·M Seat·M Battery (Lithium)The Carbon Package includes:·M Carbon Front Wheel Hugger·M Carbon Rear Wheel Hugger·M Carbon Chain Guard·M Carbon Trim PanelsAdditional items I added ($6,000+ installed):·BrenTuning Map (includes handheld device) – everyone I know with a RR has done this. While expensive, it transforms the bike by removing the flat spot and increasing overall responsiveness.

It can be uninstalled at any time (the handheld includes the stock map). BMW released a new map to try to address the complaints on the flat spot / mid-range – and to fix it, my understanding is that they removed 20HP – not a good solution.·M Carbon Tank Trim·M Brake Lever Folding·M Clutch Lever Folding·M Rear sets(very expensive)·M Tinted Windshield·M Axle Protectors·BMW Radiator / Oil Cooler Protector·Powerlet Plug (for battery charging and heated gear)·TechSpec Grips (protects the paint and allows legs to grip the tank)The tires have also been changed to Michelin Power 5s (they will have between 1,700 and 2,000 miles on them depending on purchase date) – they show very little wear, and make the bike ridable in the rain / cold (they’re also excellent in “normal” weather). The BMW tech was super clean with the install – the carbon wheels stayed nice and clean.I am still riding it, and get the constant urge to keep it. It’s the finest motorcycle I’ve ever owned, and it is stunningly beautiful. Whenever I have it at the dealership, people can’t stay away from the bike – it’s that nice.Title is in hand.

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Item Information

Item ID: 209726
Sale price: $ 14100
Motorcycle location: Vienna, Virginia, United States
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 9.04.2021
Views: 88
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2020 Bmw S1000RR Used 1000L
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