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Used 2021 Benelli Imperiale 400 Used Black 5 Speed Petrol

Model:Imperiale 400
Road Tax Remaining:10 Months
Modified Item:No
Transmission:5 Speed
Country/Region of Manufacture:China
Start Type:Electric start
Drive Type:Chain
Gears:Five-speed manual
Date of 1st Registration:20210301
Type:Retro Style
Number of Manual Gears:Five-speed
V5 Registration Document:Present
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Seller Description

This beautiful Benelli Imperiale 400 motorcycle is virtually brand new - 2021 plate with only 447miles on the clock.
Purchased brand new in May 2021 & still fully covered by Benelli`s 2 year warrantee.
Due to unexpected circumstances I am now having to sell this bike which has been barely ridden as you can tell by the mileage.
For the short period I rode this bike - I attracted more attention then I have ever had on any of my previous bikes.

Specs as below:Engine size: Four Stroke, Single Cylinder, SOHV, 4 ValveCooling System: Air CooledExhaust: Catalytic converter & oxygen sensorsInduction: Electronic Fuel injectionMax Power: 21 Ps 15kW @5500rpmMax Torque: 29 Nm / 21.3 lb-ft @4500rpmClutch: Wet Multi discFront Suspension: 41mm TelescopicFront Brakes: Single 300mm disc with 2 pistons floating CalliperRear Brakes: Single 240mm with single piston floating calliperSpoked wheels with standard ABS
I really wish I could keep it, Its an absolute dream to ride!
I will not take any reductions on collection.
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Item Information

Item ID: 226846
Motorcycle location: Hither Green, United Kingdom
Last update: 30.07.2021
Views: 114
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2021 Benelli Imperiale 400 Used Black 5 Speed Petrol
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