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2021 Indian Roadmaster Dark Horse Thunder Black Smoke New

$ 0

Vehicle Title:Clear
Model:Roadmaster Dark Horse Thunder Black Smoke

Seller Description

2021 Indian Roadmaster Dark Horse Thunder Black Smoke
Vehicle Information
Roadmaster Dark Horse Thunder Black Smoke
Indian Road masters are here and ready to ride. Come test drive today
2021 Indian Motorcycle Roadmaster Dark Horse Thunder Black SmokeFeatures may include:LOADED IN BLACKWith its harder edges, sharper lines, and blacked-out design, the fully loaded Indian Roadmaster Dark Horse is a masterfully made touring bike.THUNDERSTROKE 116 V-TWIN ENGINEThe Thunderstroke 116 blacked-out engine produces 126 ft-lb of torque for exceptional power at low RPM and a smooth ride at any speed.BLACK, AND MORE BLACKConfident and mean American style makes a bold statement with premium blacked-out finishes front-to-back.MAKE A STATEMENTCommand attention with the iconic lit headdress atop an open fender showing off a 19 in contrast cut spoked front wheel.BLACKED-OUT COMFORTThe road may be long, but it doesnt have to feel like it. No matter how far you ride, the aggressive new style of the Roadmaster Dark Horse is built to get you there in style and ease.36+ GALLONS OF CARGO SPACEProtect your cargo from the elements in weatherproof storage with remote-locking saddlebags, trunk, and easy access storage in the lowers.OPTIMIZED AIRFLOWA push-button power windshield allows you to easily change the height. Lower fairing vents manage airflow for optimal rider and passenger comfort.SEATING THAT GOES THE EXTRA MILESClimaCommand Rogue heated/cooled seat comes standard, adding even more rider and passenger comfort.RIDE COMMAND CONTROLS IT ALLThe largest, most customizable system on two wheels.PREMIUM AUDIOHigh-output speakers in the fairing and trunk deliver 200-Watts of crystal-clear audio. It also sports a dynamic equalizer that automatically adjusts for road, wind and engine noise. Shown with available PowerBand Audio.CHOOSE YOUR RIDENow you can choose between three ride modes, Tour, Standard, and Sport, for an experience thats customized to your riding style. Rear Cylinder Deactivation automatically shuts off the rear cylinder when the bike is stopped for enhanced comfort in slow-moving traffic.CONTROLLED COMFORTA 7 in screen, featuring Apple CarPlay integration, Turn-by-turn navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, traffic and weather connectivity, and controls for the ClimaCommand Rogue heated/cooled seat, adding even more rider and passenger comfort whatever the weather conditions.
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Options and Standard Features
Basic Information
Year: 2021
Make: Indian
Model: Roadmaster Dark Horse Thunder Black Smoke
Stock Number: 799
VIN: 56KTKDDBB8M[hidden information]
Condition: New
Type: Cruiser
Mileage: 5
Title: Clear
Carburetion Type: Fuel Injected
Cylinders: 2
Engine Size (cc): 0
Engine Stroke: 4-Stroke
Engine Type: V Twin
Fuel Injector
Starter: Electric
Number Of Speeds: 6
Primary Drive (Rear Wheel): Belt
Transmission: Manual
Primary Drive (Engine / Transmission): Gear
Chassis & Suspension
Air Adjustable Rear Suspension
Frame: Aluminum
Number Rear Shock Absorbers: 1
Rear Adjustable Shock / Spring Pre-Load
Rear Suspension Material: Steel
Rear Suspension Type: Twin Sided Swing Arm
Rear Travel (in): 4.5
Rear Travel (mm): 114
ABS Brakes
Front Brake: Dual Hydraulic Disc
Rear Brake: Hydraulic Disc
Fuel Level Warning
Rearview Mirrors
Temperature Warning
Digital Instrumentation
Trip Odometer
Body Material: Plastic
Front Tire Speed Rating: H
Front Tire Width: 130
Front Wheel Width (in): 3.5
Rear Tire (Inches): 16
Rear Tire Aspect Ratio: 60
Rear Tire Speed Rating: H
Rear Tire Width: 180
Rear Wheel Width (in): 5
Wheels Composition: Aluminum
Other Information
Belt Guard
Decal Kit
Exhaust Guard
Exterior Covers
Exterior Guards
Floor Boards
Fork Guards
Front Fender
Front Fender Trim
Hand Grips
Keyless Ignition
Rear Fender
Rear Fender Trim
Side Storage Mount
Stand Type: Kick
MONEE Illinois 60449
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Ask for:George Boulos
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Primary Phone:[hidden information]
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Indian Road masters are here and ready to ride. Come test drive today 2021 Indian Motorcycle Roadmaster Dark Horse Thunder Black SmokeFeatures may include:LOADED IN BLACKWith its harder edges, sharper lines, and blacked-out design, the fully loaded Indian Roadmaster Dark Horse is a masterfully made touring bike.THUNDERSTROKE 116 V-TWIN ENGINEThe Thunderstroke 116 blacked-out engine produces 126 ft-lb of torque for exceptional power at low RPM and a smooth ride at any speed.BLACK, AND MORE BLACKConfident and mean American style makes a bold statement with premium blacked-out finishes front-to-back.MAKE A

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Item Information

Item ID: 223930
Sale price: $ 0
Motorcycle location: Monee, Illinois, United States
For sale by: Dealer
Last update: 10.07.2021
Views: 4
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2021 Indian Roadmaster Dark Horse Thunder Black Smoke New
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