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750 super sports Ducati

$ 6786

For sale by:Private seller
Type:Super Sport
Product Type:Road Bikes
:“2000 model Ducati , 750 super sports , 46250km , brand new clutch done , brand new timing belt done, brand new brakes, brand new tyres , major services are done, always garaged after use, never ridden in the rain, the bike was bought from Italy not Australian delivered , factory setup no mods .lots of carbon fibre over the whole bike . Any inquires call me on 0416370007 cheers for taking the time to read my ad .”
Item status:In archive

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750 super sports Ducati

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Item ID: 190651
Sale price: $ 6786
Motorcycle location: Salisbury, Australia
Last update: 5.11.2020
Views: 12
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750 super sports Ducati
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