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1984 Alfa romeo Spider Used

$ 4127

Exterior Color:Aquaverde
Manufacturer:Alfa romeo
Power Options:Power Windows

Seller Description

1984 Alfa Romeo Spider
Veloce. Originally from the US. 5-speed manual. Fuel injection. 4 disc brakes.
A pleasure to drive. New rain-proof roof. 119,500 miles but engine
Major work done at the
best Alfa Romeo garage in Montreal. See work order of $ 6,621 (which includes
complete engine head and valve job with work on the tranny as well) + parts
list $ 2,498, total of $ 9119 (canadian dollars).
4 new Bilstein shocks.
New lower ball joints. Reconditioned seats (4 foam pads purchased from Classic
Alfa in England) with new vinyl covers done by professionnal Montreal
upholsterer. Gasoline tank refurbished by professionals (Bernard Radiators).
Body and paint in very
good condition for the year. No rust on the frame, sub-frame or under the
seats. The pics show the rust under the front rocker panels on each side, but it
doesn't affect the quality of the driving or security and is easily repairable
by a body shop. No bad smell in the car (non-smoker). A lot of power from the
engine, no smoke. Driving this car with the top down on a nice sunny day is a
blast. For connoisseurs and serious buyers only.
I can get the car
shipped on a flatbed truck in Canada or the US. Send me your area or zip code for a
quote. Otherwise you can come up to get it, the frontier should open soon and
Montreal is a nice city to visit.
I’m selling this car
because I bought a Westfalia and I also have a Jetta. Not enough space for 3
I described this car
honestly, email me if you have any questions.
Information about 1984 Alfa romeo Spider for sale on this page. See price and photos of the Spider Alfa romeo Aquaverde
I can also give you my cell
number if you want to talk.
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Item Information

Item ID: 218455
Sale price: $ 4127
Car location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
For sale by: Owner
Last update: 5.06.2021
Views: 3
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1984 Alfa romeo Spider Used
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