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Ariel Red Hunter 500 1939 project

$ 587

Product Type:Classic, Collector Bikes
For sale by:Dealer
Item status:In archive

Seller Description

Basket case 1939
Red Hunter 500 all the major parts are there. Extremely rare and highly
sought after by collectors and enthusiasts. Like all basket cases there
will be parts missing take a good look at the photos and ask questionsI can place this on a pallet and ship Australia wide. Please do not ask me for a quote before the auction ends.Frame number XG 2049Engine number CE 786This bike is available for viewing at Central Motor Cycles Ph 03 [hidden information]Please note I have other bikes currently listed.

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Item Information

Item ID: 192873
Sale price: $ 587
Motorcycle location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Last update: 14.11.2020
Views: 18
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Ariel Red Hunter 500 1939 project
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