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Audi a3 S line 2LT TDI S3 replica 2014 8v

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Seller Description

For sale is my Audi A3 s line 2lt tdi full s3 replica. firstly I just want to start by saying no stone as been left unturned in building this replica the car its self was the perfect base model with full service history 1 owner b4 my self and a very well looked after example all parts that have gone into this are as follows
•genuine s3 front bumper•genuine s3 mirrors•genuine s3 brakes•genuine s3 18in wheels•genuine s3 rear bumper•Genuine s3 black leather interiorI've had a custom back section made to replicate the quad exhaust system I have also lowered the car on 40mm apex springs to adjust the ride height making it sit better ok the wheels. The car has 10 months mot remaining mileage is 117k and the car is completely hpi clear unlike most examples of the other replicas selling online. The car has not long been professionally valeted and is gleaming ready to go I'm pretty certain the first to personally see the car will buy it. I'm sure I've missed our loads in the description so please feel free to msg me or call with any questions
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Item Information

Item ID: 170683
Car location: milton keynes, United Kingdom
Last update: 24.07.2020
Views: 39
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Audi a3 S line 2LT TDI S3 replica 2014 8v
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