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Used Bedford J1 Ford F series F100

Registration State:QLD
Right, Left Hand Drive:Right-Hand Drive
Fuel Type:Petrol, Gas
Car Type:Cab chassis
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
For Sale by:Private Seller
Cylinders:6 cylinder
Featured Refinements:Ford F100
Engine Size (litre):204
:Mechanically very good ,new tyres, New brakes, some rust
Item status:In archive   SEE NEW ADS >>>>>   

Seller Description

Bedford J1 214 petrol 6 cyl 4 speed manual mechanically great, all new brakes, new tyres, perfect for a resto or fix up the small amount of rust and drive , the tray is off a dual wheel F Truck fits really well just needs the dual wheel guards replaced with single guards, I was going to restore but no time to complete.Call to discuss further Mick

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Item Information

Item ID: 182935
Car location: Aspley, Australia
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 21.09.2020
Views: 153
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Bedford J1 Ford F series F100
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