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Benelli 1130 TNT 160R rare race-spec IMMACULATE 1250kms

$ 10741

Date of Manufacture:11/2014
Model:TNT 1130 160R
Power (Bhp):170
Type:Super Sport
Start Type:Electric start
Engine Capacity (cc):1,130
For sale by:Private seller
Registration Number:1N9QA
Customised Features:Handlebars, Clip Ons
Gears:Six-speed manual
Drive Type:Chain
Extra Features:Anti-Lock Brakes, Rolling Bars, Frame Sliders, Seat Cover, Solo Seat
Date of 1st Registration:25/01/2015
Number of Gears:6
Seller Notes:“As new, only travelled 1250kms, high specification”
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am the first and only owner of this high-spec, one-off piece of motorcycle art. Highly collectable as the 1130 triple is no longer made. 

is a very special bike – specially imported from the Benelli factory by Urban
Imports to my personal specification and delivered to me in late January 2015.

other TNT’s, this one has clip-ons, carbon clutch cover, dry clutch, Brembo monobloc
radial brakes, wave discs, titanium and carbon race exhaust, carbon fibre front
guard and belly pans, Marzocchi 50mm upside down forks, Sachs adjustable rear
shock and a 170hp tune following the run-in service conducted a year ago.

only 1250kms since new!

is run-in and ready to enjoy as a unique and outstanding, hassle-free Italian

run-in service has been completed

is in absolutely exquisite condition

also comes with:

(Italian) rear-sets (including brake and gearshift levers)

bar-end tinted mirrors

rear-stand lifts fitted to swing arm

stand (race)

seat and dual seat options with carbon fibre (painted) rear cowling for solo


red/black bike cover

original parts (foot pegs, muffler baffle etc)

keys, warranty booklet, service book, and sales brochure – all in original

aware that other TNT’s will not be as highly-spec’d. Here’s what the dealer
pointed out when I ordered this bike:

 Maps loaded are more powerful, with Italian DNA air
intake filters all tuned to Aust fuels and conditions.

Clips ons set for the 50mm Marzzochi
Rear carbon fibre seat cowl
Softer rubber Italian grips
Carbon fibre left and right belly pans, not
Marzocchi fully adjustable 50mm rebound and
dampening front forks (not 43mm as previously on Cafe Racers)
Radial Mount aggressive rotors and calliper setup
(top of the line) with twin 320mm floating rotors (Braking branded) 
Latest Carbonium Exhaust system, for more power
output up to 175+HP with some tweaks

Benelli is fully-sorted and will provide its new owner with the opportunity to
experience the most amazing three cylinder torque, induction sound and a
booming triple under-seat exhaust (which can be quietened with the OEM baffle I
will provide to the buyer along with all other OEM parts).

am only selling to make room for race car as I am getting too old and unfit to
make best use of this gorgeous Italian.

have adored this Benelli TNT (this is the second Benelli triple I have owned)
and my fiancée finds it very comfortable and stable.

that it goes to a loving home…

have priced this bike to sell and am meeting the market.

will arrange Skype/Facetime video of the bike for anyone interstate and will
happily arrange door-to-door shipping (your cost) via a reputable  Motorcycle

Item information

Sale price: $ 10741
Motorcycle location: Surrey Hills, Victoria, Australia
Last update: 13.07.2018
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Benelli 1130 TNT 160R rare race-spec IMMACULATE 1250kms
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