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Used 2009 Benelli Tornado RS Used Red 899L Manual Petrol

Model:Tornado RS
V5 Registration Document:Present
Modified Item:No
Engine Size:899
Country/Region of Manufacture:Italy
Start Type:Electric start
Gears:Six-speed manual
Extra Features:Seat cover/Solo seat, Steering Damper
Drive Type:Chain
Previous owners (excl. current):2
Type:Super Sport
Number of Manual Gears:Six-speed
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Seller Description

For Sale
My Benelli Tornado 899RS
The time has come due to lack of use, time and house renovations to part
with my Benelli which I have owned and cherished since 2011, being the 3rd
owner, the previous was a Policeman who brought it from his Friend.
These are a very special and rare bike in standard trim, let alone this
one being the RS edition & has steadily increased in value over the time I
have owned it.
From the Data available, there were 408 RS built worldwide with
approximately 20 registered in the UK. The data shows a maximum of 7 on the
road in 2019
The main differences to the standard bike are:
В· Forged alloy (in my case Marchesini) wheels
В· Big piston forks
В· Uprated rear Damper
В· Magnesium engine casings
В· Radial mounted mono block Brembo calipers.
В· Different paint scheme
В· Steering damper
В· Arrow performance exhaust (optional?)
В· Carbon fibre front & rear mudguards
It is such a joy to ride, clean, maintain & just look at. There is
so much detail and bespoke parts, you almost see another one every time and the
induction noises it makes are just something else!
The majority of the servicing and maintenance has been carried out by
myself to my exacting and manufactures standards. I have a lever arch file full
of paperwork, MOT and service schedules, all of the original documentation,
service & warranty books, spare keys and ID codes.
I don’t know about you, but I have never found motorcycles to be
serviced correctly and /or to recommended schedules by anyone, but mine are.Recall/upgrades/modifications carried out by MOTO GB prior to PDI (I phoned them prior to my purchase, this is confirmed by a mark on the VIN plate)
Registered PDI 07/07/2009 Bridgate Motorcycles
1st service 525mi 07/09/2009 Bridgate Motorcycles
2ndservice 3,919mi 03/08/2010 Bridgate Motorcycles
3rdservice 7,110mi 31/07/2011 (just after I purchased it)
В· Flush and replace brake fluid (dot 5.1)
В· Flush and replace coolant
В· Oil & Filter - Motul 5100 10w/40
В· NGK cr9eix spark plugs
В· Clean and re oil air filter
В· Check Alternator drive nut torque
В· Check clutch basket condition
В· Check and adjust valve clearances
В· Partial strip of bike to clean, lubricate and inspect.
4th service 9,050mi June-July 2012
В· Full check over and clean
В· Brake strip & clean
В· Replace front wheel bearings
5th service 9,335mi Feb-May 2013
· Oil & Filter – Motul 5100 15w/50
В· Check & set up head lamp aims (main and dip separate)
В· Replace Fuel filter
В· Fit ITG performance air filter
В· Replace brake fluid (dot 5.1)
В· Full check over & inspection
В· Fit Eagle double bubble screen
В· Fit Titax adjustable levers
В· Fit LED indicators & rear light
6th service June 2[hidden information] Mileage not known
· Oil & filter – Rock oil 15w/50
В· Brake fluid (dot 5.1)
В· Valve clearance check
В· Replace core plugs
В· Strip suspension and grease bearings
В· Replace fork oil (7.5wt)
В· Replace chain
В· Deep clean of stripped bike & components
В· Replace chain
В· Replace coolant
В· Strip & clean brake calipers
In the mean time I bought another Benelli (TNT 899 CafГ© racer)
Then a house move meant they both went into storage for couple of years
7th service 9,672mi April 2019
В· Basically a recommission/check overStrip, clean & re hone idle control valve
В· Brake fluid (dot 5.1)
В· Coolant replacement (4 life 10year)
· Oil & filter – rock oil 15w/50
В· New Bridgestone RS10 tyres
. Media blasted the exhaust system to a satin finish.
So far this year (2019) I have set the suspension up for my weight, adjusted
the clutch and covered a 100mi or so….All with a huge smile on face, I still
love it.
I have tinkered with so many aspects of the bike and changed/modified
bits here & there that I cannot remember some of them!
I have all the original & standard parts including the standard
exhaust & the factory Arrow one with removable baffle.
The bike itself is nearly as clean as when it was built, certainly in
better mechanical condition.
I did have photographic evidence of the major rebuild, but the computer
crashed, I lost it all.
It has some age related marks here and there (it is after all
effectively 16years old as all of these were built in 2004), so bloody good,
and I am very fussy.

The last ride in 2020 was a 350 mile blast in Wales.... absolute bliss,
so there are a few more flies on it now! Then Covid/lockdown/travel restrictions.....
Always kept inside unless in use, covered, on charge and off the ground.
During the winter months & when it was off the road it is kept in heated
and secure unit. Regularly treated to Scottoil FS 365 and ACF50 as required.2021.... used for a run to work & back 15 odd miles...still love it, still don't want to part with it

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Item Information

Item ID: 217389
Motorcycle location: South Cerney, United Kingdom
Last update: 30.05.2021
Views: 92
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2009 Benelli Tornado RS Used Red 899L Manual Petrol
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