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Bimota BB1 supermono 1996

For sale by:Dealer
Seller Notes:Bimota BB1 supermono 1996 As per pictures Brand new, been sitting in storage for years. Original, will be sold as is. This motorbike is only missing the tank (the tank is in the lower part of the fairing). If you cant find the tank for this motorbike you could definitely fabricate your own. Google it. Common problem with these motorbikes Do have a video of the motorbike running, message me for the link. This motorbike would suit a collector or what ever use. Cant be registered in Australia. Imported motorbike with no compliance plate BMW 653cc four stroke, single cylinder engine.Can provide documentation for registration in other countrys Uses f650 BMW engine, therefore parts are accessible Can assist with freight or finance Can freight overseas.. message me for details
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Seller Description

Bimota BB1 supermono 1996As per picturesBrand new, been sitting in storage for years. Original, will be sold as is. This motorbike is only missing the tank (the tank is in the lower part of the fairing). If you can't find the tank for this motorbike you could definitely fabricate your own. Google it. Common problem with these motorbikesDo have a video of the motorbike running, message me for the link.This motorbike would suit a collector or what ever use.Can't be registered in Australia. Imported motorbike with no compliance plateBMW 653cc four stroke, single cylinder engine.Can provide documentation for registration in other country'sUses f650 BMW engine, therefore parts are accessibleCan assist with freight or financeCan freight overseas.. message me for details

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Item Information

Item ID: 87031
Motorcycle location: Springwood, QLD, Australia
Last update: 13.10.2018
Views: 78
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Bimota BB1 supermono 1996
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