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2016 Bimota DB9 Brivido S Used Carbon Manual Petrol

Model:DB9 Brivido S
Street Name:Brivido S
Country/Region of Manufacture:Italy
Start Type:Electric start
MOT Expiry Date:202108
Drive Type:Chain
Type:Super Sport
Previous owners (excl. current):1
Date of 1st Registration:20160901
V5 Registration Document:Present
Item status:In archive   SEE NEW ADS >>>>>   

Seller Description

Bimota DB9 Brivido S. Marque-specific registration, miles: 2495. First registered Sept 2016. I’m the second owner. MOT currentuntil 31.8.21. On SORN. Super-rare S version of the Bravido which comes with Buell-style rim brake and different forks from the standard Brivido model. Carbon bodywork version. Rizoma mirrors: fork internals and ExtremeTech rear shock reworked by K-Tech. Bike comes with all keys, owners manual, service manual, hand book, original certificate of conformity, Bimota factory stand, original tool roll, Bimota liveried garage cover, and original fork & shock springs. Currently fitted with (used) Pirelli SuperCorsa SP tyres. Fitted with a (transferable contract) Global Telemetrics tracker. V5C in my name and at my home address. Receipts available for all work done etc. Uses the Testerstretta engine from the first model Ducati Diavel so can be serviced by any Ducati dealer.Happy to answer any questions you might have.Relisted due to timewasting dreamer.

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Item Information

Item ID: 220733
Motorcycle location: Nr. Newark, United Kingdom
Last update: 19.06.2021
Views: 93
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2016 Bimota DB9 Brivido S Used Carbon Manual Petrol
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