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BMW 318Es Automatic Spares or repair

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Seller Description

BMW 318ES Auto Saloon2006/56 plate has covered 112kFull history (see pics) Mot See Pics
This BMW drives, but the auto box nudges as it changes gear! You can drive it in manual.
The specification includes air conditioning, Half leather, metallic grey, alloys, traction on board computer, front fog lamps, electric windows and mirrors. Reverse parking sensors.
This could be a good buy if you know your way round auto boxes or BMWs
Collection is in Henfield
Call Annalisa on [hidden information]

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Item ID: 188626
Sale price: $ 0
Car location: Haywardsheath, United Kingdom
Last update: 26.10.2020
Views: 15
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BMW 318Es Automatic Spares or repair
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