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1991 Bmw BMW ALPINA C2 2.5 TOURING Used ALPINE WHITE 2.5L Manual Petrol Estate

Vehicle Type:Performance Vehicle
Modified Item:No
Engine Size:2.5
Drive Side:Right-hand drive
Country/Region of Manufacture:Germany
In-Car Audio:AM/FM Stereo
Power:190 BHP
Reg. Date:19910429
Service History Available:No
Previous owners (excl. current):7
Body Type:Estate
V5 Registration Document:Present
Drivetrain:2 WD
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

This is a Barn find E30 C2 2.5 Touring It has genuine Alpina parts but unfortunately the service history and documentation have been lost, I have been in contact with the second owner who has informed me this was a C2 .2.5 touring supplied by John Clark Alpina Aberdeen, I can send you emails & articles for your info.
The total production of Alpina C2 2.5 is 74 consisting of RHD & LHD units, many of which were sent to Japan.
This C2 2.5 Alpina touring is 1 of 3 RHD, Manual. John Clark Alpina Aberdeen Scotland apparently sold all three Touring's
The car has been in storage for many years. I purchased the car about eight months ago and was going to restore it but i am now located overseas and have no time therefore I'm am offering for sale.
The car i understand was used as a demonstrator by the John Clark Alpina dealership in Aberdeen in1991.
The car is in Alpine white, The interior was originally Alpina fabric in silver cloth with a blue / green stripe of which i have the photographs This was changed to black leather by the second owner.
The specifications of the car are:
325i engine: with Alpina camshaft.
Information about 1991 Bmw BMW ALPINA C2 2.5 TOURING for sale on this page. See price and photos of the BMW ALPINA C2 2.5 TOURING Bmw

Alpina engine management ECU. Alpina and Sytner labels are on the unit.
Alpina suspension, the front top mounts are stamped Alpina still visible but plastic has deteriorated with time
Limited slip differential.
Large bore exhaust system and down pipes.
Produced 190BHP & 188lb ft torque at 5000rpm.
Wheels/Tires. 16x7J and 16x8J Alpina light alloy wheels
Alpina hand stitched leather-trimmed steering wheel (momo).
Alpina sport seats Recaro black leather replacing original fabric.
Alpina wooden gear knob.
Alpina key fob.
Alpina plaque.
Alpina badges,
Alpina side stripes
Front spoiler is no longer present
Total cost for conversion back in 1991: £4775 + VAT + £216.98 + VAT for the stripping! (Plus the cost of a new 325i touring obviously)
Total New price GBPs 19,993.00 which was a substantial sum for a car in those days
HISTORY C2 2.5 & C2 2.7
An interesting variant of the M20 engine was Alpina's C2. The first C2 combined the wider bore of the M20B25 with the slightly larger 76.8mm (3.02in) crankshaft of an M20B23, to create a torquier engine of 2552cc. This version put out 185PS (136kW; 182hp) and 265N⋅m (195lb⋅ft), 74 units were built between 1985 and November 1986. After the C2 2.7 appeared in the spring of 1986, the 2.5 was slightly upgraded and gained 5 horsepower. However, to indicate its "little brother" position in the lineup, the name was changed to C1 2.5. When the September 1987 facelift model of the E30 was introduced, the 2.5 litre C1 was discontinued, although a few cars were finished into 1988.
The car is HPI clear the original reg number was H3 ALP which John Clark used for there demonstrator cars.
The Car Runs fine but will need work as it has been stored for some time, Also the jacking points & Battery tray are rusty and will need some welding, Body work is solid & straight but car would ideally need repainting, the interior seats are good with no rips or tears This is a good project but viewing is advised before you bid.
The Alpina parts are in themselves worth a lot of money the only part missing is the front spoiler as this was prone to damage, I also have a new Alpina head cover witch can be incurred in the sale.
The car has no MOT so would have to be transported
The car has been re listed due to time waters and scammers, if you place a bid make are you have read the description and preferably view the car before doing so, Please only communicate through eBay so that the transaction can be completely recorded by them, the following bidders will not be entertained which have be reported to eBay.
Emin Sagid eBay member mottobmw.
Cameron Spencer by eBay Member sunflowerjenny.
Nicola Powell eBay Member classiccarcollectoer.
The full payment or deposit of 1000 pounds will have to be made on successful bid.
Payment by Paypal, Cash or Bank transfer before collection.
Viewing can be arranged by appointment the cars is located near Bedford
Thank you

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Item Information

Item ID: 163757
Car location: Bedford, United Kingdom
Last update: 25.06.2020
Views: 45
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1991 Bmw BMW ALPINA C2 2.5 TOURING Used ALPINE WHITE 2.5L Manual Petrol Estate
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