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2005 Bmw 318 Used Automatic Saloon Petrol 2L Silver

$ 0

MOT Expiry:202102
Body Type:Saloon
Engine Size:2
Metallic Paint:Yes
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

Hello for sale bmw e90 2005 108k automatic . Air conditioning multifunction steering wheel rear parking sensors lights under exterior handles and many more . I own the car since october 2019 now v5 is on my other half name. What i done to the car is timing chain kit steam valves seals so no more worrying about emission or smoke from exhaust! all the gaskets that need to be change oil change for castrol 5w 30 twice with new filters air filter vacum pump vanos solenoids water pipe from pump front driver calliper driver side shockabsorber front discs and pads rear pads rear door actuator lock driver boot gass struts front passenger wheel bearing alternator and spear one included in boot drive belt tensioner just done and many more i have photos of work and parts that i done car is nice to drive and still looks nice and modern Im bmw enthusiast and always keep my bmws in good condition car is on 16 inch wheels on this sale with like brand new tyres 18 inch staggered wheels are extra option only. You welcome to contact me and view the car .is lovely car to drive and very economical interior have no rips nice condition only think radio screen lose some bottom pixels can replace for 30£ and 2 tinny dents on rear long mot this car takes you everywhere and back. Two keys .selling to upgrade
More photos coming any realistic offers welcome looking for 1300 including 8 wheels
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Item ID: 189655
Sale price: $ 0
Car location: Chard, United Kingdom
Last update: 1.11.2020
Views: 19
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2005 Bmw 318 Used Automatic Saloon Petrol 2L Silver
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