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1993 Bmw K1100

$ 0

Capacity (cc):1100

Seller Description

Built in the style of the early naked K100Bike has been gone right through ,lots of stainless fitting ,Fully servicedNew Pearl silver paintworkDrive shafts lubedAll fluids changedInlet rubbers replacedNew clutchNew tyresNew motNew battery80 k miles (nothing for one of these)Classic insuranceAll ready for end of lockdown .
This was a k1100 Lt a big heavy tourerIt’s had the heavy fairing and ABS pumps removed .Fairing replaced with rare early k100 naked headlight and nacelleAnd replica radiator covers as per the one year only k100 naked.
It comes complete with top box and panniers plus givi screen (all quickly removed)This makes for a fully versatile bike .Check photos .
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It’s a bargain at this price ,I,ve been riding and customising these k bikes since 2010.Now I’m retired I’ve been building custom k bikes as a hobby usually to order .The last photo is one of mine (for sale soon) customising these bikes is easy ,But finding a good bike to build from is getting very hard .BMW K,s have lots of littleIssues which require knowledge and cost to put right !!This bike is sorted and ready for lots more miles ,
Any questions call me, Steve on [hidden information]Please no part exchange offers need space !Been busy in lockdown got three bikes to sell (listing others soon )

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Item ID: 213359
Sale price: $ 0
Motorcycle location: coventry, United Kingdom
Last update: 4.05.2021
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1993 Bmw K1100
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