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BMW R90S, excellent condition low production number ( SPECIAL PRICE )

$ 13623

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Product Type:Classic, Collector Bikes
Item status:In archive

Seller Description

SPECIAL PRICE, last time listing, going back in my collection if not soldHere is an immaculate 9/1974 ( 1975 model ) Daytona Orange BMW R90SMatching numbers [hidden information] ( very early build date for this model )It is showing 99,194 miles, which seems hard to believe, I purchased one of these new in 1975 and rode over 200,000 Km and I thought I kept it in very good condition, the normal wear areas and rounding of bolts etc etc are not evident on this one, the rear brake pedal knurls are not worn, original footrest rubbers etcI can only sell it as it is showing, but ask everyone to have a close look at the conditionIt has the original and complete tool kit, screen, mirrors, also genuine BMW volt and clock ( these were renound for failing and replacing with generic gauge )Dyna electronic ignition and a heavy duty top steering plate,It is missing the side stand, common for the pivot pin to come loose and fall out, replacements ones are availableRims are excellent ( these are soft and were prone to tyre lever marks and flat spots from potholes )Paint is excellent, some marks and deterioration but otherwise excellent, hand pinstripesI am selling this bike from my museum collection, I have owned it for about 10 yearsPlease ask any questions, phone [hidden information], no text, email: [hidden information] about our door to door deliveryinspection welcome, see my other items and website: www.
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Item ID: 191460
Sale price: $ 13623
Motorcycle location: Springwood, QLD, Australia
Last update: 8.11.2020
Views: 118
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BMW R90S, excellent condition low production number ( SPECIAL PRICE )
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