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1968 Bmw R-Series Used 600L

Exterior Color:Black
Engine Size (cc):600
Sub Model (Optional):R60/2
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
:“Excellent Triple Numbers Matching Bike, tires need replacing, otherwise all maintenance and upkeep up to date.”
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

A beauty! This is an all numbers matching 1968 R60 /2 in very good running order. It had one owner from 1969 to 2018, who put virtually all the low miles on the bike. It is an unrestored example, and the frame and bodywork show far less wear and tear than you would expect of a 50+ year old bike.
All the fluids have been changed and cables replaced. The speedometer and odometer work perfectly. The charge and neutral light, and the bar end Hella turn signals work as expected. The bike is an original 6v, and the lights and brake switches work fine. It has good power and the brakes are as expected for the model and year.
The original tank has been replaced by a repainted and restriped original BMW tank, correct for this model. It's in pretty much flawless condition: the rest of the bodywork is in overall very good shape. In a few areas the paint has been worn by the luggage mounting pieces that the bike came with (these are available if interested – full Wixom fairing with lowers and uppers, and teardrop bags with mounting hardware and integrated turn or stop lights).
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There are small paint patches that have been applied, and are apparent on close inspection.
The previous owner was a 75 year old professional machinist with a strong interest in motorcycles. He sold us this bike to purchase a mid-30's Indian in boxes that he was going to restore, to match the other from parts previous restoration that he had in his fully-equipped garage. In short, he knew motorcycles inside and out, and did what can be expected to be excellent maintenance on this bike. The only significant flaw in it was cosmetic: the original pipes had rusted through and he had repaired that. We replaced those pipes with period-replica all stainless steel exhausts shown.
The original two-up saddle was replaced by the new replica solo saddle shown, which is period correct for this bike. If wanted, we can include the original saddle, which is in good condition, but needing refreshing.
The bike starts easily and runs beautifully, shifting through the gears smoothly. The carbs are the tickle-type without a choke, but pretty easy to master. Once you have the technique, the bike starts, usually first kick, almost always within 3 kicks. The carbs have a weird plastic float needle in them that causes problems, but we are ordering original replacements that will come with the bike, installed. Apart from this, no mechanical issues are known on the bike. A new petcock will also be installed - the current one is not period correct.
The fork is the desirable Earles type, originally designed for sidecar use, and much liked because it has a fairly effective anti-dive effect when braking. The frame is set up for a sidecar from the factory. The previous owner had used one on this bike when touring with his wife and kid.
This bike is an ideal candidate for 10-point restoration, given its very original state. It can also be a daily rider, and perhaps should.

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Item Information

Item ID: 100904
Motorcycle location: Toronto, Canada
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 9.01.2019
Views: 61
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1968 Bmw R-Series Used 600L
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