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BMW S1000RR - Item is now SOLD

$ 0

Type:Super Sport
Colour:BMW Motorsport
MOT Expiration Date:November 2021
Previous owners (excl. current):4
Capacity (cc):999
Date of 1st Registration:20120310
MOT Expiry Date:202111
|Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

For sale is my stunning BMW S1000RR Gen 2 registered in March 2012 in BMW Motorsport colours with rear section and wheels (powder coated by Lepsons of Gillingham) in Lapis Blue.
The bike has been re-classified as Category N (non-structural cosmetic damage beyond economical repair) after a careless 4x4 driver reversed and just touched the vehicle enough to knock it over. The swingarm was slightly marked where the exhaust touched it along with damage to the upper middle fairing, the bar end, RH mirror and frame protector etc. The price for the swingarm and that one panel alone was over £5K including fitting believe it or not which exceeds 65% of the bike's value for insurance purposes. BMW don't supply painted panels anymore but I found a brand new panel in the US which has never been fitted. All the other bits have been replaced.
The bike was acquired July 2019 with 18k miles and done 19k miles in 20 months for an average of 1k miles per month.
I have justplaced a deposit on a Gen 3 RR as I will be doing more mileage this year and need cruise control for motorway use etc.
I have owned multiple RRs for the last 11 years covering Gen 1s, Gen 2s, Gen 3s and now a Gen 4.
This bike has been religiously serviced by RR specialists including a major service by HM Racing in January 2020 when it was run before and after on the dynoed at 180bhp at the wheel at 13,200rpm.
Oil and filter changes every 4k miles without fail using Castrol Power 1 Racing 5W-40.
The following extras are currently fitted to the bike:
Lextek downpipes and link pipe with Akrapovic end can. Very loud.
IRC quick shifter and autoblipper replacing the standard shift assist which stopped working. Stunning piece of kit from Italy which has a 4 year warranty, transforms the bike and makes a wonderful noise (refer video).
FTR front suspension refresh including new springs by Ohlins.
Hagon replacement rear shock.
Full suspension setup by HM Racing. I weighed approx 13 stone at the time.
TST industries integrated rear led light unit. Beautiful piece of engineering and far better than the standard led rear light.
Yoshimura tail tidy.
Carbon tank cover, front mudguard and rear hugger all in perfect condition.
Custom Lapis blue paint on seat unit and powder coated wheels.
The bike has just been serviced with normal oil and filter change, new SBS sintered front pads, fresh anti freeze, brand new sump unit and bolts after the drain plug seized, new stainless steel exhaust studs and copper flange nuts, a set of Bridgestone S22s 120/70 front and 200/55 rear and a new battery.
MOT runs till November 2021.
The bike's mileage will not change from indicated 37,074 and is now safely tucked away in the garage where it has lived since I purchased it back in July 2019.
I have 2 sets of keys for the bike.
Given that I have owned so many RRs over the last 11 years, I think I can very safely say that this is one mother of a bike with a faultless engine and gearbox and in my opinion one of the best looking examples of RRs out there.
The bike has loads of extras and the IRC quick shifter and autoblipper was close to a £1,000 fitted and makes the bike almost perfect in terms of performance and sound.
Please don't waste my time or your time with silly offers. You either recognise the value of a good RR and this bike in particular as the awesome machine it is or put simply you don't.
The bike is located on the South East Coast and is advertised elsewhere.
Please phone my mobile on 07967 [hidden information] and I’ll be glad to answer any questions or queries that you may have.
Thanks for looking.
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Item Information

Item ID: 213237
Sale price: $ 0
Motorcycle location: Broadstairs, United Kingdom
Last update: 3.05.2021
Views: 27
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BMW S1000RR - Item is now SOLD
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