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Borgward Isabella TS Coupe 1960

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Seller Description

Borgward Isabella TS coupe 1960 barnfind. owned over 40 years Taken out of use in 1975 for leaking water pump. new repair kit bought but never fitted. still in original packaging 68164 genuine miles. engine runs Original jack and wheel brace still cliped in place. orginal boot carpets and interior carpets Drivers seat bottom cushion has spilt on stiches and passenger seat has one split Never been restored Floor to sill at N/S rear needs repair. easy repair if you can weld V5 and original green reg document. owners manual come with car Period radio but never fitted These were very good and fast cars having many racing succeses Viewing welcome!Also published at

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Item Information

Item ID: 164752
Car location: Sandy, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom
For sale by: Private seller
Last update: 29.06.2020
Views: 102

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Borgward Isabella TS Coupe 1960
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