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2008 Buell XB12s Used Cherry Bomb Petrol For Sale

V5 Registration Document:Present
Drive Type:Belt
Colour:Cherry Bomb
MOT Expiry Date:202203
Country/Region of Manufacture:United States
Date of 1st Registration:20080924
Start Type:Electric start
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Seller Description

Please, no time wasters. I am not going to deliver this bike 350
miles away or send it abroad!
We live in the CW2 Postcode area, which is Crewe, Cheshire. We
are approximately 15 minutes from J16 on the M6 Motorway.

Now you know where we are, please be sensible, only call me
if you are genuinely interested, can complete the sale and collect the bike.
Preferred Payment is via bank transfer and must be cleared prior
to taking the bike. I will not accept any cash or cheques except for a cash deposit to reserve the bike.
The bike has been on a SORN and garaged since September 2019 therefore no
test rides as any fines/points will be directed at me.
Now to the bike..This is a very rare opportunity to buy a stunning low mileage Buell XB12S 25th Anniversary Edition. The pictures speak for
themselves, the bike is in superb condition.I bought the bike on the 27th July
2009 with only 897 miles on the clock ridden by the original owner from new when
the bike was registered 24th September 2008.
Since then in my 11 years of ownership it has only been ridden a further 2465 dry miles, the bike has spent more time on display in my conservatory than on the road. The odometer is now showing 3362. The bike has never been modified in any way, it is as it was from the factory except for the quality bolt on items listed below.
The bike is in the lovely Cherry Bomb colour.
When I bought the bike, I fitted a Rizoma tail tidy, Rizoma grips & bar ends, Oberon Adjustable levers (very expensive!) mini indicators, R&G crash bobbins. All the original parts are included.
Also included is a waft
of old MOT’s, SORN documents, tax discs, two keys (spare with keycard never used) owners manual, factory took kit.
The bike had a MOT last week, new battery, Oil and Oil Filter change.
This bike is probably one of the nicest original Buell XB12’s currently for
sale in the UK and quite difficult to find in this original condition.
I would love it to be sold to a true Buell enthusiast who will cherish it like
I have done.
I’ve had lots of bikes over the years, Ducati’s, KTM’s, Guzzi’s, MV Agusta’s
you name it and none of them handle as well as a Buell.
Serious enquiries only please. I’m a genuine nice guy, the bike is 100% genuine and I’m too old (64 this year) to be messed about.
If you are interested, please call me to discuss on 07751 - [hidden information]
Regards John

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Item Information

Item ID: 219363
Motorcycle location: Crewe, United Kingdom
Last update: 11.06.2021
Views: 41
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2008 Buell XB12s Used Cherry Bomb Petrol
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