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Buell xb9s 2003

For sale by:Dealer
:Buell xb9s 2003As per pictures Vin: 4MZSX12J4334352807Runs and rides good, physically a clean motorbike for its age. Only 22xxxkms Has been fitted with new tyres, brake pads and battery Will be sold with a roadworthy to Queensland buyer. In roadworthy condition Has been Australian complied.. so just need roadworthy in your state for finance Can assist with freight, rego or finance
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Seller Description

Buell xb9s 2003As per picturesVin: 4MZSX12J[hidden information]Runs and rides good, physically a clean motorbike for its age. Only 22xxxkmsHas been fitted with new tyres, brake pads and batteryWill be sold with a roadworthy to Queensland buyer. In roadworthy conditionHas been Australian complied.. so just need roadworthy in your state for financeCan assist with freight, rego or finance
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Item Information

Item ID: 110676
Motorcycle location: Springwood, QLD, Australia
Last update: 14.03.2019
Views: 23
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Buell xb9s 2003
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