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BULTACO PURSANG MK7 250cc – 1974 Model 120

Date of Manufacture:197400
For sale by:Private seller
Product Type:Classic, Collector Bikes
Item status:In archive

Seller Description

Up for bids is this seldom offered and very sought after classic
1974 Bultaco MK 7 250cc Pursang
This is a matching number Model 120 Pursang. Motor
PM-[hidden information] and Frame PB-[hidden information]**
The bike is neat and tidy and 100% eligible to compete in
pre 75 competition and would suit a Dirt Tracker or VMX racer or, of course, a collector
who wants to do a full resto.
This bike is set up to race Dirt Track and has been converted
to left hand shift for those of us who prefer to race shifting on the left.
Easy starter that runs and sounds crispy and absolutely
flies with the right rider on board. Have to say that I campaigned the bike
from 2012 to 2019 and I’m over 70 now… so I always reached my limit before the
bike did!
Since 2012 always ridden with a MK8 Tank to preserve the
original MK7 tank.
New Piston and Ring – zero hoursNew Chain – zero hoursNew Rear Sprocket – zero hoursNew Fork Boots – zero hoursNew Grips – zero hoursFresh oils – zero hoursOil filter cleaned and oiled – zero hoursNew Number backgrounds – waiting for your number36mm Mikuni CarbElectronic Ignition STK-150 Stator Kit - Electrex World
UKFitted with 2 way adjustable Koni shocks. MK 8 damper rods are fitted for extra inch of travel.
Information about Bultaco for sale on this page. See price and photos of the Bultaco
Full top and bottom end rebuild mid 2011Matching numbers 120 Pursang
Spare Mk 8 Tank that I used for racing.Spare Rear Wheel fitted with Motocross tyreSpare Custom made low profile seatSpare Front Tyres (1x Motocross and 1 x Trials)Comprehensive Parts Book and ManualsSelection of spare parts as shownSelection of oils and lubricantsFuel can and fuelOriginal Amal carburettorOriginal ignitionRear SpringsSide Stand
COSMETIC FLAWS that might not be noticed in photos:
Tiny Tear in SeatCrack in fuel cap
**Often when you find that sought after Bultaco frame or
engine, you can hear conflicting information as to which model the frame or
engine represents. The initial numbers in the frame and/or engine number
designate the Model.
The photos represent the majority of the description so
take a close look before bidding/buying.
Pick up only from Emu Plains 2750

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Item Information

Item ID: 156167
Motorcycle location: Emu Plains, NSW, Australia
Last update: 16.05.2020
Views: 51
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BULTACO PURSANG MK7 250cc – 1974 Model 120
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