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Bultaco Sherpa 250 - signed on tank by Sammy Miller

$ 0

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Seller Description

Bultaco Sherpa 250 - I purchased this bike a few years ago and it is not being used so i have decided to sell it .The frame has been powder coated and a new headstock bearing fitted and the bike is in generally good condition for its age .It has been stored in a dry starts and runs well ,the gears and clutch , brakes work freely .Hagon shocksThe tank has been signed by Sammy Miller which is a nice addition .The frame and serial number are in the pictures which hopefully gives an idea of age as I am not sure .Also comes with 2 service manuals /booksAdvertised elsewhere.Only bid if you are intending to buy it .Any further questions please ask.

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Item Information

Item ID: 208282
Sale price: $ 0
Motorcycle location: EVESHAM, United Kingdom
Last update: 31.03.2021
Views: 19
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Bultaco Sherpa 250 - signed on tank by Sammy Miller
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