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Cbr400 nc23

0 $
Drive Type:Chain
Capacity (cc):400
Start Type:Electric start
Vehicle Type:sports
Number of Manual Gears:Six-speed
Street Name:baby blade
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Seller Description

Cbr400 nc23Major overhaul done this included2nd hand engine supplied from gf racing , engine has hadMajor service being-Plugs changedFluid changeValve clearance checkStator replacedClutch assembly strip and checkSump removed cleaned and pick up cleaned.Has a set of gf racing carbs fitted & balanced which have been stripped again and parts replaced as reqGf racing exhaust systems with art end canHad full check over ignition system leads and caps& coils replacedWiring checks done and repairs as requiredHas braided brake linesHrc rear reservoir mod doneFairings in good condition showing few signs of ageing but still very tidy viewing welcomeClocks are on 54k km (not miles)still has issue where doesn't want to start and fouls plugs have had running multiple times engine is good and have videos of it running lost interest and want gonesold as seen will need van to take awayOn 04-Feb-21 at 16:21:08 GMT, seller added the following information:This is now running I have replaced needle valve in carbs due to them being seized and have given the carbs a balance and can confirm it is running still req a few finishing touches to make a nice clean cbr400 nc23 any question or video please feel free to message me and can send to you

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Item Information

Item ID: 215215
Sale price: $ 0
Motorcycle location: Leicester , United Kingdom
Last update: 15.05.2021
Views: 11
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Cbr400 nc23
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